250-Pcs Fisher-Price 2.2″ Play Balls – ($̶3̶5̶.̶9̶9̶) $15

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Walmart has a good deal on 250-Pc Fisher-Price 2.2″ Play Balls for $15 + free store pickup.


A bit about this item:

Add these Fisher-Price Play Balls to a ball pit or a small children’s pool. This set comes in four brightly assorted colors for a fun learning and playing experience. These 250 play balls can be lots of fun when played with on their own. They can be even more fun when added to any Fisher-Price Ball Pit such as the Helicopter Ball Pit or 3-Ring Ball Pit. These air-filled balls are a fun way for little ones to learn to catch and throw. This will help them improve their hand-eye coordination and other motor skills as they crawl, walk or run after the balls. 


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4 out of 5 stars

250-Pcs Fisher-Price 2.2″ Play Balls Review

For young children, some of the biggest factors in their growth is learning what things are, how to identify them, and how to interact with them. This causes many parents and guardians to look for fun and stimulating toys that help their child learn and grow. Often, though, the worry about safety and accessibility can hamper even the best efforts. How can you be sure that this toy is safe for children? How do you know if it is interesting enough? Is this toy going to help your child learn? These questions can be quite overwhelming, but the 250-Pcs Fisher-Price 2.2” Play Balls offer an excellent solution.

The first notable aspect of this children’s toy is its bright colors. Any parent or guardian knows how important colors are to young children’s minds, and the fact that these toys are so brightly colored is a definite mark for them. Both the variation in color and the impactfulness of them help kids to understand the differences between them and how to recognize when they are different.

This set comes with 250 balls included, allowing you to easily separate some for play when others are being stored or being cleaned. Along with this, the balls are made with plastic, allowing you to easily rinse and wash them by hand, or to put them in a mesh bag and place them in the laundry for quick and painless cleaning.

These toys offer a safe and valuable learning experience. The light plastic that makes these toys up is filled with air, meaning that they will be light, and durable enough for children to play with. The round nature of these toys ensure that no sharp corners are a concern, and their size means a minimal choking hazard.

They work well with other Fisher-Price products, such as the Fisher-Price Helicopter Ball Pit or the Three Ring Ball Pit. They are also an excellent option for bath toys, as the air-filled plastic floats and does not hold water. This is a great purchase for people looking for fun and educational toys that are safe and affordable. With wide variation in colors, large set size, and light weight, it is an excellent investment that your kid is sure to love.

Store: Walmart

Brand: fisher-price