Deal Review: BEBONCOOL Controller Battery Pack For Xbox

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Amazon has a good deal on the BEBONCOOL Controller Battery Pack For Xbox. List price on this model is typically $35 and it’s currently marked down to about $20.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

BEBONCOOL Controller Battery Pack For Xbox Review

When it comes to video game controllers, the way of the single-use battery has long past. They just aren’t the most effective means of powering technology, and moreover, they aren’t very cost-effective. Anyone who remembers the old days of wireless gaming knows how quickly the cost of batteries over time can grow to staggering proportions. And that’s why rechargeable batteries exist. If you want such a thing for your Xbox One controllers, this product is the way to go.

Basically, this product provides you with two battery packs designed specifically for Xbox One controllers, as well as a recharging station to keep them topped up. It’s a double boon, letting you power your controllers and provide a means to recharge them hundreds of times over throughout the years.

It’s worth noting that these are battery packs, not rechargeable individual batteries. This does mean you are limited to using them in your Xbox controllers, and you can’t use them anywhere else, such as a remote. However, being specifically designed for Xbox controllers, the packs fit perfectly into the rear of the controllers. It’s a small trade-off.

Of course, the value of batteries is all in two things: how long do they last, and how long does it take them to recharge? Well, these battery packs are exceptional on both fronts, with 25+ hours of battery life on a full charge giving you plenty of time to play before you need to recharge, especially if you can use both battery packs for yourself. In return, it only takes roughly two hours to completely charge these battery packs to a level where they can offer 25 hours of gameplay again.

However, these are the types of features you would generally expect to find in rechargeable battery stations. What you don’t usually get in a rechargeable battery station is multiple ways to actually charge your batteries. This particular product has 3, something that is very uncommon. It can support USB type-c charging, where you place the batteries directly into the charger, but also micro-USB and adapter charging as well. Whatever method you prefer or benefits you the most, you have available.

As a small note, it’s easy to tell when the batteries are done charging and when they aren’t thanks to LED lights on the front of the device that will be green when the batteries are fully charged or red when they are not.

Finally, this is a very cheap and affordable product at roughly $20, which is a great deal for two battery packs and a rechargeable battery station, especially when those two batteries have 25+ hours of life in a full charge and the station can charge them in three separate ways.

Other than that, there are no other features worth mentioning. However, just the ones that are present thus far should be more than enough to justify buying this charger if you need to power your Xbox game life for the nearby foreseeable future.


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