Teasers for PUBG New State Have Revealed a Host of New Features, Including Weapon Customization and Several Vehicles

Last Updated on July 28, 2021 by Mark P.

The futuristic brother game to PUBG Mobile, called PUBG New State, has received a trailer and two videos, called Field Trip to Troi, episode one and two. These releases have finally given expectant players some insights and introduction to the game’s maps and features.

The first thing to be released was the teaser video, which gives players a peek at the new setting for PUBG New State, the futuristic city of Troi, though it has certainly seen better days. Much like the way PUBG started out, Troi appears to be the only map in the game thus far, and it has a size of 8×8. The trailer gave players a look at several areas on the map, namely the mall, the laboratory, the exhibit hall, and the trailer park.

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The exhibit hall dominates the center of the map, being a wide-open area with a great deal of verticality, which makes positioning and marksmanship more vital in that area than ever. There’s plenty of open space, lower levels with cluttered stores, and the roof itself. Not only that but there are some sections of the area that have working escalators and even bulletproof glass, making for a diverse battleground with plenty of available tactics.

As for the laboratory, that area is a more tightly packed, enclosed type with tight corners and small spaces to fight in. It has four levels, with the central part of the area protected by bulletproof glass. The trailer park, on the other hand, is suited more towards parkour combat, with terrain that gives players plenty of ways to jump, climb, clamber and hide if need be. The trailer park even has a ramp that can provide a quick escape for players with vehicles.


In the span of the second Field Trip to Troi episode, the PUBG: New State devs gave players a look at many of the vehicles that would be available in the game. The same vehicles that are in PUBG Mobile will be in New State, but there will also be some completely new ones; the Tram, the Vulture, and the Volta.

The Tram is exactly what it sounds like, but sets itself apart from other vehicles by being impenetrable. Players inside of it cannot be harmed by those outside. However, those inside players can be easily ambushed once they step outside since the Tram stops at predetermined locations.

The Vulture, on the other hand, is a motorcycle of sorts, notable for accelerating very slowly, but has a very high top speed. Unfortunately, it requires a lot of gas to actually ever reach that top speed. Finally, you have the Volta, an electric car with a quiet engine that means enemy players won’t hear it until it gets very close to them. It has a boost function that can improve its speed but will rapidly drain the battery as well. There is a blue magnetic zone on the map that will also drain the battery if the Volta drives through it.

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The Drone Shop

Another new feature in the game will be the drone shop, an in-game shop that players can access on the map. Players can acquire drone credits while exploring Troi, and use those credits to buy items, ammo, or medication. This is great and all, but the delivery is signified by blue smoke trails and an obvious drone, which can make you a pretty big and obvious target to other players.

Weapon Customization

Weapon customization is something that players will be able to do on the map itself. Using toolboxes that are randomly scattered around Troi, players will be able to do things like transforming their single-shot weapons to ones with multiple rounds of ammunition, or they could increase other stats like range or damage. According to the devs, the weapon customization system will be consistently updated throughout the lifecycle of the game.

If you want to pre-register for the game, you can do that for Android already. New State pre-registration for iOS won’t be available until August. As for an actual release date for the game itself, thus far no date has been provided.