Simple Skills To Leverage In The Post-Pandemic Economy

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For millions of Americans and people all over the globe, this has been a period of not only incredible stress but also some much-needed self-reflection. While innovation and advances in digital and remote work have been changing the way our modern workforce communicates and accomplishes work, this current pandemic has potentially sped up the rate of which many jobs afterward will be accomplished either by employees working from their home, or will be outsourced to machinery and software completely.

Fast food, retail, and even truckers have seen this threat of automation coming down the pipe for a long time now, meaning very soon they might see their jobs taken by a machine who doesn’t need employer-provided benefits or sick days. There is an upside for many individuals who are tech-savvy and know how to operate on an entrepreneur level of thinking. This rapidly changing economy is moving towards less production focused, and more customer service-based, meaning your soft skills could potentially help you take full control over your employment or at least provide you with a side hustle providing another source of income.

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Here are some ideas of how to use simple “soft” skills in order to help you build potentially a small fortune from the comfort of home.

Editing work

Whether through sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or even just word of mouth, there are more than enough people out there running against the clock who are in need of simple line editors to help proofread and spruce up either their essays, advertising copy, or even emails. This isn’t a strenuous job and just requires a keen eye for noticing obvious errors. Rates can get as big or as little depending on the word count, but work can easily come when you develop a reliable customer base of returning clients.


There are enough websites, blogs, and review sites online that are in constant need of people to write short articles about topics far and wide. The best thing to do is to assess the areas of interest for you personally and begin to see if sites you regularly visit are in need of new contributing writers. This benefits you twofold because more published work can help you grow personally and professionally, and the better you get the more you can charge new customers when your workload begins to allow you to become more choosy about who you write for.

Starting a blog on and placing a paywall on your work is also a good way to provide writing samples when getting started as well as make some coin off of that as well.


Everyone is good at something, and whether you realize it or not, you have marketable skills and insights that are useful to other people. Consider charging a small fee for an hour, and as you build up your reputation and customer base, increase your consultation fee rates.



Digital services online are connecting individuals to tutors every day, and one of the best growing and rewarding services online now include conversational English assistance for students around the world. So you don’t need a teaching license or a degree when all you need to do is just talk to someone and give them some pointers on how to understand and speak in English, it’s as easy as that!