A New Super Mario Maker 2 Update adds a Play with Friends Mode

Read below for update details.

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Last Updated on July 3, 2020 by Mark P.

If there’s one thing that people may not have been expecting to come to Super Mario Maker 2, it’s probably a versus and co-op mode for online. And yet, here we are. The newest Super Mario Maker 2 update has added exactly those two things to the game. The update also includes a bunch of other nice features, such as voice chat through the Switch Online mobile app and the ability to choose courses uploaded to Course World along with those saved to Coursebot.

It’s understandable why this update was needed though, considering that, prior to now, you had to be in physical proximity to people you wanted to play with if you wanted to do that in Super Mario Maker 2. That kind of multiplayer setup is pretty outdated in 2019, so the addition of a much wider support network was certainly needed.

The update also makes some changes to Nearby Play mode, improving it in some meaningful ways. Now you’ll be able to choose worlds that are uploaded to Course World, and you’ll be able to play on courses saved to Coursebot even without an internet connection.

Other additions made in this update include an Official Makers list, with maps made officially by Nintendo’s teams, and more information being displayed on one’s profile, such as your total number of First Clears. You’ll also be able to play the game with a horizontal Joy-Con controller in all modes now, and you can access Play Together mode from any course that you have uploaded to your profile.

In short, many of these changes are relatively small and minor, but in total they greatly improve the quality of life that the game possesses. Nintendo is usually pretty quick about rolling out important updates, and this time was no exception. It is pretty great that players will finally be able to enjoy their favorite courses in a variety of different ways, and together with friends who may not be right next to them.

That said, there’s now no way of knowing when the next update will be or what it will contain. Until then, players will just have to satisfy themselves with the new content that has been added, which shouldn’t be hard considering the addition of new official maps courtesy of Nintendo. All in all, another great addition to an already great game.