Deal Review: Nintendo Switch With Gray Joy-Cons

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Amazon has a good deal on the Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Cons.

List price on this model is typically $400, but we’ve seen deal prices much lower than that.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Cons Review

There isn’t much to say about the Nintendo Switch that hasn’t been said before, but if you have yet to buy one, we’ll cover what you need to know about the handheld console powerhouse in this brief but informative review.

The Nintendo Switch is an innovative console that can play at home on a TV or on the road as a portable device. This is the main reason for its name, and also one of its major selling points. Instead of having to buy one or the other, buying a console that can be stationary or mobile means every bit of money you spend on the Switch can be worth it whether you are at home or on a trip.

The second most notable feature of the Switch is its controllers, called ‘Joy-Cons.’ These controllers can be attached to the screen that is the Switch, or removed from it and held in your hands, much like Wii remotes of the old days. You can also connect the Joy-Cons to different equipment (included in the purchase of a full-package Switch) to form a little controller of sorts. The point being, whatever way you are comfortable with in regards to holding your controllers, the Joy-Cons let you do that.

Moreover, the Joy-Cons can serve as a means for cooperative play as well. If you have only one Switch and a game that can be played couch co-op style, you can split the Joy-Cons between yourself and your partner, so you won’t have to buy a second controller like you would for other gaming consoles. The Joy-cons for this particular package are gray, but that is just aesthetic. There are options in different colors as well.

As for what types of games you can play on the Nintendo Switch, there are many games from across multiple consoles, such as Skyrim and Apex Legends. However, there are also many Nintendo exclusive titles and series, such as Fire Emblem, Mario, and Pokémon. Seeing as how these exclusive game series won’t be available on any other platform, if you would like to play them buying a Nintendo Switch is essential.

For the price you pay in getting a Switch, you get the console itself, two Joy-Cons, a charging station that doubles as the connection to your TV, an HDMI cable, a power cord, and an apparatus for connecting the Joy-Cons into a traditional controller configuration, as well as straps to put them around your wrists if need be. Considering all of that, you get quite a bit for the money that you pay.

Ultimately, the Nintendo Switch is a great investment because of its versatility in single or co-op play and its ability to be a stationary or mobile gaming system. On top of that, it has many exclusive titles and series that you won’t be able to play anywhere else. That said, there are plenty of reasons to buy a Switch, and not a whole lot of reasons to forego one, unless you just happen to be short on cash.

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