Stanley Simple Start (SS4LS) 8000 mAh Li-Ion Jump Starter – ($̶6̶0̶) $29.98

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A bit about this item:

The Stanley 8000 maH Li-Ion Jump Starter and Mobile Power Pack is ideal to use for an emergency jump start and also for charging portable electronics on the go. The 8000 mAh lithium ion battery can be charged 2 ways either in home via an included AC plug or in the car via an included DC plug. It also can charge and extend the run time of all your electronic devices such as phones, tablets, laptops etc. via its dual 3.1Amp USB ports.


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4.5 out of 5 stars

Stanley Simple Start SS4LS Review

One of the biggest worries that comes with driving and owning a vehicle is the potential for a dead battery when you least expect it. That is why many people see an emergency jump starter as a necessity. People often don’t know where to begin on their search for one, or how much voltage is necessary for it to be effective. With the Stanley SS4LS Portable Jump Starter, fears of too little voltage or bulkiness are erased.


It delivers 600 peak battery amps of power, which is enough to jump-start most vehicles out on the road today, including V6 powered vehicles, allowing you to rest assured that you are perfectly prepared for any unforeseen battery charge issues.


It can also be used as a portable device charger, with a dual USB port that allows for easy and quick connection to any electronic device. Coming with a bright LED light that allows you to work in the dark to do what you need to, it really does lend itself to a wide range of uses and environments.


In a compact size of 3 x 4.3 x 8 inches, and only weighing one pound, it is the perfect device to put in your glove box or carry around with you in your bag or pocket for on-the-go charging.

When it comes to portable charger/jump starters, many products don’t live up to expectations. Many of them aren’t a very portable size and don’t come with enough charge to be able to jump-start many of the cars on the road today.

Worth Buying?

This is why the Stanley SS4LS is so remarkable. Not only does it provide easy portability, letting you take it with you anywhere you go without noticing any added weight or bulkiness, it also does this while having enough charge to actually jump-start your vehicle. And aside from being a jump-starter, it is also an excellent portable device charger, owing this again to its small and compact size, as well as an excellent emergency flashlight due to its LED light.

It is a jump-starter, a portable device charger, and an emergency work light all in one. Needless to say, it is an excellent investment and one that will last.

Store: eBay

Brand: Stanley

UPC: 00814632013549