Electronic Arts Has Announced That They Will Release More Games For The Switch

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Last Updated on July 3, 2020 by Mark P.

If there’s one console Electronic Arts has mostly ignored since its release, it is the Nintendo Switch. The past few generations of EA titles have not made it to the handheld console, or if they have, it has been quite rare and rather sparingly. A sad thing to consider for Switch owning EA fans, but that may end up changing sooner rather than later. During EA Play, the company made a statement about being more committed to Switch titles, with a total of seven games supposed to come out on the console in the next 12 months.

Unfortunately, the identity of all of those games was not announced, and while seven games in 12 months may not sound like a notable figure at first, it’s actually pretty substantial considering how few titles there have been for the Nintendo Switch overall. That said, some EA games that we do know are coming to the Switch include Apex Legends and FIFA 21. There’s no solid release date on either of these titles, as all we know about Apex Legends is that it will become available sometime later this year. FIFA 21 will also be a Legacy Edition, which means it will probably be a little different from the other editions available elsewhere.

There’s actually a third game, Burnout Paradise Remastered, that was already released on Friday the 19th.

While this may be the first big step they’ve taken, this isn’t actually the first time Electronic Arts has mentioned an interest in having more of their titles on the Nintendo Switch. They mentioned such intentions in an investors call earlier this year, though they didn’t reveal any specific details or plans at that time. Of course, now we have a bit more info on what to expect, even if the information is a little vague. All we really know is the number of titles that we can expect, and not what they may actually be, but at the end of the day that is certainly better than where we started.

That said, it is certainly the hope of many EA and Switch fans that more information will come to light soon, as it would be nice to know just what we could actually expect to play on the Switch within the next year. For a console that has gotten a surprising number of titles from many unexpected sources, it is about time it received a few EA titles. It would be especially noteworthy if some Star Wars games, such as the recently announced Squadrons title, could make it onto the Switch, but there’s nothing in particular to support this notion and that makes it little more than wishful thinking.

Either way, EA is sure to provide more updates and information on the situation as there is more information to give. Whenever they settle on which titles will be available on the Switch, it surely won’t be long before the community is informed.