Dead By Daylight Is Adding New Features, Including Cross Play For All Consoles

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Last Updated on July 20, 2020 by Mark P.

It turns out that Dead By Daylight will be getting a sizable update soon, specifically for its console versions. Most notably, this update will add cross-play and a new progression system, though it will also add the ability to access your full friend’s list, even if those friends are playing the game across different platforms. Obviously, that’s being added to help with the new cross-platform gameplay.

The development team provided details on how all of this is going to work in an update on the site for Dead by Daylight. Dead by Daylight already features cross-platform play between its Steam and Windows 10 Versions, but after rigorous testing by the development team, they plan to take all of this one step further, integrating cross-play for the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Both cross-play and the cross-play friend’s lists are coming to the Xbox One, PS4 and Switch versions of the games, which will allow each of those consoles and their players to play with friends on not only different consoles but also the Steam and Windows 10 version of Dead by Daylight. However, a particular date for this update has not been provided just yet, but the official post on the game’s website said it was “coming really soon.” The Dead by Daylight development team will continue to monitor the state of the game across all platforms once the update is live, in order to ensure that the game is still balanced for all players even with cross-play. That said, players will be able to opt-out of cross-play if they choose to, ensuring that they only play with individuals who are on the same platform as they are.

Unfortunately, the soon to be released Stadia version will not be a part of this line-up, meaning that Stadia won’t be able to play with any other versions of Dead by Daylight. However, the Stadia version of the game will have cross-progression. In fact, the first platforms to receive the cross-progression update will be for the Stadia, PC, and Switch versions during the month of September, and according to the developers, players “will be able to share their progression, purchases, and inventory.” The developers said it was difficult to make all of this possible and to facilitate it players will need to create a new “Behaviour Account” in order to merge their progression between systems.

The website post also covers the mobile version of Dead by Daylight, but only in the sense that they have confirmed the mobile version is not being made cross-play compatible. “The game system and architecture are significantly different,” the post explains. “We are prioritizing the release of cross-play between PC & Consoles first to make sure that the experience is smooth for the players on those platforms.”

It’s a bit sad for those mobile players out there, but it is also pretty understandable why cross-play between mobile platforms and the other versions isn’t possible.