The Florida Theme Parks of Universal Studios Orlando will Open on June 5th

More than 2 months after they were closed down by the COVID-19 pandemic, Universal Studios Orlando has announced that they will be opening the doors of their theme parks on June 5th. Naturally, there will be certain restrictions in place during this time, so it’s not like things are returning to normal. They have launched a website ahead of time to inform future guests of the things that are changing, and what types of guidelines they’ll need to follow prior to arriving on that day or any day after it while the pandemic is still occurring.

Universal Studios Orlando Reopen Date
Universal Studios Orlando - credit: Universal via Twitter

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When will Universal Studios Orlando reopen?

According to a press release, it seems that all three parks on the property, which includes the titular Universal Studios, the Volcano Bay Water Park and Islands of Adventure will be open on June 5th. However, while they will all be open, there’s no specific details on which restaurants, attractions and rides within those parks will be open to the public.

Come June 1st and 2nd, team members are going to be brought to the park to preview the new procedures and security protocols, so they can learn how things are going to work for now and put some practice into carrying everything out properly. On June 3rd and 4th, a ‘limited’ number of guests will be allowed into the park, likely to give the employees some practical experience with the new rules before opening the doors completely. Finally, on June 5th, the parks will be opened as normal. That said, there has been no indication of exactly how many people Universal Studios will allow into the parks at any one point in time. It’s likely they will have some sort of capacity limit in effect, but we simply don’t have any information on what it might be.

As far as what we do know, the most notable rules in effect once the parks reopen has to do with both masks and temperatures. Every guest and employee will be required to wear a facemask. However, there’s no indication of whether or not Universal Studios will be passing out masks for guests to wear, or if they will have to bring your own. Considering the substantial investment in providing masks to that many people, it seems likely that guests will have to bring their own.

The other main rule in effect has to do with the temperatures of the park guests. Guests will be required to have their temperature taken prior to entering the park, and anyone with a temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed entry.

While it’s good that Universal Studios is taking these precautions, it’s a little concerning that they are reopening their parks at all. The United States in general is opening things back up a little too quickly, especially considering how dangerous second waves of viruses tend to be. But, if they are going to open up, at least they are being careful about it, so it’s a lot better than it could have been.