Disney Allegedly has National Treasure 3 in its Sights

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Last Updated on January 24, 2020 by Mark P.

While it has been 13 years since the National Treasure franchise put out a film for everyone to enjoy, it seems the patience of its fans is finally being rewarded with a National Treasure 3, script writing courtesy of Bad Boys 4 screenwriter Chris Bremner.

We know this because a report from THR regarding Bad Boys 4 outright confirmed that Chris Bremner was working on the screenplay for this third National Treasure movie; Jerry Bruckheimer was also said to be involved.

Granted, the details that anyone currently has on the movie are very sparse, but the THR report is nevertheless the most concrete evidence anyone has had regarding a National Treasure 3. People have been speculating about its upcoming debut since literally right after the second movie, but there was only ever vague quotes and conjecture to point to that actually happening.

Now that there is a confirmed producer and screenwriter attached to the project, it is safe to assume that National Treasure 3 is an actual possibility at this point. That said, being in the works does not guarantee that the movie will make it all the way through production, so it wouldn’t do to get one’s hopes up ahead of time.

On the bright side though, Bruckheimer is a producer with many successful films under his belt, including Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Top Gun, so we should be able to rest easy knowing the film lies in his capable hands if it makes it that far.

As for who will be cast in the movie, there is no confirmation regarding that, but there’s a pretty high chance that Nicholas Cage will star in it once again; after all, this franchise just really couldn’t float without his unique presence.

All of this taken into consideration, it’s worth noting that even if this movie really does make it all the way to the big screen, we aren’t going to see it anytime soon. After all, if we are only just now learning that it is in the works, it’ll probably be well over a year before we even get close to the film being a reality, so If you’re a big National Treasure fan, there’s no point in getting excited just yet. Still, it’s better to know that the movie has a shot of becoming real after all of this time.