Food Trucks for Sale Near Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Foods Truck Jacksonville is a popular tourist destination and the most populous city in Florida, making it an excellent opportunity for food trucks. Known for pristine golf courses, eclectic shops, and top-notch dining, Jacksonville is a great place to start your food truck business.

The food truck community in Jacksonville, Florida is very friendly and welcoming. You can talk to other local food truck owners to learn more about the area and its customers. You can also find tips on food trucks for sale in Jacksonville, Florida. Both new and used food trucks for sale can help you start your new business on the right foot.

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Where to Buy a Food Truck Near Jacksonville

If you are searching for food trucks for sale in Florida and more specifically, Jacksonville, Florida, start with local food truck lots. Dealerships like M&R Specialty Trailers and Trucks offer new and used food trucks and food trailers. You can purchase a new food truck that comes in pristine condition with a warranty, or save money by purchasing a used food truck and investing in repairs. If you want a fully custom food truck, check out shops like Hot Mess Food Truck Builder.

You can also search for used food trucks for sale online. Check out sites like Used Vending for local listings with detailed descriptions. If you are searching for cheap food trucks for sale by owner, craigslist and eBay have considerable options. Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally is also a great website to search for custom used food trucks for sale in Jacksonville.

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What to Look for When Buying a Food Truck in Jacksonville

When searching for a food truck to buy in Jacksonville, there are several things to consider. Budget will play the biggest role in which food truck you purchase. New trucks are more expensive, but they require no work or maintenance to get started. Used trucks are less expensive, but you may have to invest time and money in repairs.

If you are on a tight budget, consider repairing a used food truck or purchasing a food trailer. A food trailer is significantly smaller than a food truck, but it is less expensive and easy to transport. If you have a larger budget, consider outfitting a custom food truck to meet the needs of your business.

Consider your menu when purchasing a food truck to ensure you have the space for all necessary equipment and storage. Kitchen layout is important on a food truck due to limited space. Make sure the truck you choose can accommodate your workflow and employees while preparing and serving food.

Popular Jacksonville Food Trucks

As Florida’s most populous city, Jacksonville is home to some very popular food trucks. Learning about the local food truck scene can help you understand your competition and stand out from the crowd. You can learn what other food trucks are offering, the prices for their menu items, and where they park to attract a crowd.

  • Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen
  • The Butt Hutt Smokehouse
  • 904 Burgers
  • Fusion Food Truck
  • The Gumbo Man
  • Good Samaritan Fundraising Kitchen
  • El Agave Azul Jacksonville
  • Hapa Li
  • Mama’s Food
  • Abstrakt Filipino Essence

How do I start a food truck in Jacksonville, FL?

Once you choose your food truck category, decide on your menu, and purchase the right food truck for your business, there are still some more steps to take. Brainstorm ideas to help your food truck stand out from the competition and decide on a niche to be unique.

You also have to register for the necessary permits and licenses. Jacksonville requires specific permits and insurance for food vendors in the city. Once all of your permits are in place, scout locations to find the perfect place to park your truck. Advertise your truck on social media, create a website, and invest in signage to spread the word about your menu.

How much money can a food truck make in one day?

Some of the most popular food trucks in major cities earn up to $8,000 per day. While you can’t expect those numbers right off the bat, a food truck can be a money-making business venture. As a large city, Jacksonville is a great place to operate a food truck. Be on the lookout for local festivals, events, and popular tourist spots to make the most of your food truck revenue opportunities.