Food Trucks for Sale Near Tampa

Tampa Food Truck Tampa is one of the top street food cities in Florida, making it an excellent area to start a food truck business. There are more than 100 food trucks currently in operation in Tampa, but there are still plenty of opportunities for new food trucks. With excellent weather, many local events, and plenty of tourists, Tampa provides the perfect environment for food trucks. Operating a food truck in the Tampa area also provides opportunities to expand to nearby locations, including Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg Beach, and Bradenton.

If you want to start a food truck business or expand your operations, you need the right food truck. There are several options when it comes to food trucks for sale in Tampa, including dealerships and online listings. Keep reading to learn more about starting your food truck business in Tampa.

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Where to Buy a Food Truck Near Tampa

Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally is a popular website that sells used food trucks in the Tampa Bay area. You can find high quality used food trucks and food truck equipment or have your food truck or trailer modified. Other websites, like Used Vending, Roaming Hunger, craigslist, and eBay, provide a wide variety of food truck listings for Tampa as well. Be sure to filter your search results based on the needs of your business and see the food truck in person before purchasing it.

If you want to purchase a new food truck, check out local food truck lots. Dealerships offer a wide selection of new or custom food trucks to meet the needs of your business. You can also get a warranty for your food truck to cover unexpected repairs or maintenance.

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What to Look for When Buying a Food Truck in Tampa

There are a few major considerations when buying a food truck. With so many popular food trucks in Tampa, it is important to make sure your food truck is ready to take on the competition. Keep the following in mind when deciding which food truck is right for your business.

  • Budget: New food trucks cost more, but they are ready to operate immediately. Used food trucks are less expensive, but they may require repairs or maintenance. If your budget is tight, consider used food trailers for sale in Florida.
  • Size and Layout: The layout of the food truck’s kitchen will directly impact your business. Workflow is important for keeping up with demand and serving customers in a timely manner. Make sure all of your equipment, ingredients, prep materials, and storage will fit on your truck.
  • Style: There are multiple food truck styles that can accommodate your business. From step van food trucks with serving windows to catering trucks, consider how the style of the truck will affect your business.

Popular Tampa Food Trucks

When preparing to start your food truck business in Tampa, it is important to learn about the competition in your area. This information will help you decide on the right menu, pricing, and location to attract customers. Some of the most popular food trucks in Tampa right now are listed below.

  • Slap Yo Mama
  • Pamz Pizza Conez
  • The Shred 813
  • I Wanna Wok
  • Los Chapos Tacos
  • Hott Mess
  • Shiso Crispy
  • Craving Donuts
  • Maggie on the Move
  • Tacos Las Californias
  • Open Fire Grilled Brazilian

How much do food trucks make in a year?

When starting a new food truck business, the goal is to earn money. Food trucks require a significant investment, but there is also a great opportunity for revenue. How much money a food truck makes depends heavily on location and hours of operation. Food trucks in operation full time earn an average of $100,000 per year. Some trucks earn more than $200,000 each year, but that is not necessarily the norm.   

Can food trucks sell anywhere?               

Just because a food truck is mobile does not mean you can serve food anywhere. Operating a food truck in Tampa requires specific permits and licenses to park and serve food. Research local zoning restrictions before parking your truck and review the requirements for commercial food trucks in your city.

If you are participating in a local event or festival, the event organizer might have their own regulations for operation. It is important to do your research ahead of time to ensure you can operate your food truck and earn money in Tampa.