Food Trucks for Sale Near Memphis, Tennessee

Food Trucks for Sale Near Memphis, TennesseeFor foodies and chefs, owning a restaurant is the ultimate dream. However, it also comes with a high price tag. If you want to break into the Memphis dining scene, opening a food truck is a more affordable way to make a name for yourself in the culinary world. As a major city and popular tourist destination, Memphis is a great place to start a food truck and attract customers. Keep reading to learn more about the Memphis food truck landscape, including food trucks for sale in Memphis.

Food Trucks for Sale Near Memphis, TN

In Memphis, you can find all three food truck options for sale. You can also find both food trucks and food trailers. Food trailers are smaller in comparison to food trucks and they must be pulled by another vehicle, but they tend to be more affordable and easy to customize.

When selecting a food truck, you should consider the equipment and layout needed for your kitchen. Your truck should have enough space for your equipment, wiring, plumbing, ventilation, and storage. Everything must also be able to fit and meet code when installed.

A new, custom-built food truck can cost more than $50,000, and that is not including generators and additional equipment. Once you ensure your new truck is up to code, you have to outfit it for your business and your brand, including kitchen equipment, truck wraps, and additional signage.

Purchasing a new food truck or trailer off the lot will cost less than a custom-built model. You can expect to pay at least $30,000 for a new food trailer in Memphis, not including an additional vehicle to tow the trailer.

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Used Food Trucks for Sale Near Memphis, TN

The price of used food trucks for sale in Memphis can range significantly. Factors like age, make and model, and condition greatly impact the price of a used food truck. If you are searching for cheap food trucks for sale in Memphis, TN, consider the costs associated with repairing a truck or getting it up to code.

You can find used food trucks & trailers for sale in Memphis online. Check craigslist for the latest listings in your area, with prices ranging from $1,500 to more than $15,000. You can also check sites like eBay, Used Vending, Commercial Truck Trader, and Roaming Hunger. Call around to local commercial truck lots as well and ask about any available used food trucks for sale. Dealerships typically sell both new and used models.

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How do you start a food truck in Memphis?

To start a food truck business, you have to find food trucks for sale in Memphis, TN. Your food truck is the first thing that will attract new customers to your business, so it is important to consider everything you need to make great food and build your brand. You have a few options when it comes to choosing a food truck, and the best choice will likely come down to budget.

  • Purchase a new, custom food truck that is built from scratch
  • Purchase a new, premade food truck
  • Purchase a used food truck

Is it worth it to start a food truck in Memphis?

Memphis is home to several popular food trucks, and the city’s culinary scene is always changing. It is worth it to start a food truck business in Memphis if you can earn consistent revenue and keep your customers happy and interested in your food. Buying the right food truck is just the start of your journey, and there are many things to consider along the way.

Before jumping into the food truck business, review all of the food truck laws and city ordinances for Memphis. This information will include which permits are necessary and how much they cost, where you can park your food truck, and regulations for food truck operation. Determine whether or not the concept for your food truck business can fit within these guidelines.

You should also check out the local food truck scene and learn from the best. Visit the most popular food trucks in the city and learn why their customers keep coming back for more. From their menus and branding to locations, there are many reasons food trucks find success. Put your own unique spin on these factors to launch a thriving food truck in Memphis.

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