Marvel’s “New Mutants” fans will finally get to see the unlucky film

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Last Updated on May 28, 2020 by Mark P.

If there ever was a film beaten to a bloody pulp by studio acquisitions, feuding directors, and a constant trampling of repeated delays, reshoots, and discussions as to whether or not the final feature should ever be allowed to see the light of day, fans of the comic book film “New Mutants” will finally get to see the film, in one form at least.

According to, “Marvel and Disney [who now own the film and X-Men based franchise after their giant and controversial acquisition of Fox Studios] announced a new theatrical date for The New Mutants. The much-delayed Fox Film will now land in theaters on Aug. 28.” For those that have been following the uncanny journey of this film, this might just be another lead up to an even bigger disappointment if for some reason, the film gets delayed again or Disney winds up just putting the film on either their Disney + streaming service or even Hulu (as some vocal fans and critics would prefer in light of the current pandemic).

“The New Mutants has a unique distinction of having four previous release dates” the article reminds us. “It was initially set to debut on April 13, 2018. The New Mutants was then pushed to Feb. 22, 2019, followed by Aug. 2, 2019 and April 3 of this year” which made many people question whether the film would either be tossed into a streaming service or get canned entirely. “Reasons for the delays range from reshoots to lean into the film’s horror to Fox being purchased by Disney.”

Due to the closing of theaters around the globe due to COVID-19, Disney was the one that pushed The New Mutants from its April 3 release date. “Then,” as the article points out, “as Disney started announcing new dates for its Phase 4 slate of Marvel Cinematic Universe films, a formal announcement was not made for The New Mutants.” This also crushed rumors that the former Fox property would somehow be integrated into the Disney/Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with Phase 4 announced, it became clear for those that hoped that would happen that The New Mutants would officially be the end of the line for the Fox era of the X-Men franchise.

“Earlier this month, a pre-order link for The New Mutants appeared on Amazon” causing even more confusion and massive frustration. “However, the online retailer quickly removed the link, even though it is still available for pre-order in the United Kingdom.”

Is this finally bringing us to the end of the seemingly cursed film? Or is this another chapter in the rickety roller coaster that has made this film into a pseudo-cult classic even before it’s seen by a viewing audience? Only time will tell.