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There are countless options for campers and getting started can seem overwhelming. Both new and used campers for sale offer unique benefits to families, individuals, hunters, and many others. Whether you want to pack up the family for a fun weekend outdoors or haul your ATVs, finding the right camper that best fits your needs is crucial.

Where to Get a Good Deal on a Camper

With many different retailers offering campers for sale, getting the best deal on a camper that best fits your needs might seem overwhelming. Here are some of the current deals available at eBay:

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What is a camper?

A camper is a perfect way to enjoy time in the outdoors without having to pitch a tent, build a fire, or sleep on the hard ground. Campers offer a motorized vehicle that is easy to travel with and provides comfortable living quarters. Depending on the size and type of camper, you can find a camper with all the necessities including a bed, bathroom, and kitchen area.

There are a wide variety of campers for sale, including Class A campers that are self-contained, small Class B campers, and towable units. You can also find truck campers for sale that fit as a shell over your current vehicle.

Prices for New and Used Campers

New campers can run anywhere from $10,000 to $300,000. The price of new campers for sale depends on the type of camper, features included, and the make and model. Large, self-contained campers with all of the latest features and gadgets can get quite expensive.

Used campers for sale also range in price. You can certainly find a used camper for less than $15,000, but they can also go up in price based on the style of the camper and included features. The age of the camper and condition also factor into the price of a used camper. A fixer-upper might cost less initially, but you will also spend money repairing and remodeling the camper.

Benefits of Buying a Used Camper

There are several benefits of looking at used campers. While new campers have the latest features and technology, they also cost significantly more. When you save money by purchasing a used camper, you can invest in redecorating or restoring the vehicle to meet your specific needs and preferences. For new campers, the price is set and difficult to negotiate. However, with used campers for sale, you can secure the best price that works for your budget.

The price for new campers goes up quickly as you add features and gadgets. The price of used campers includes all of the technology and features already on the vehicle. Insurance for a used camper also tends to be less expensive than purchasing insurance for a new camper.

What to Look for When Buying a Camper

When looking at campers for sale, both new and used, it can be difficult to narrow down your options. Keep these tips in mind for what to look for when buying a camper.

  • See the camper in person if possible
  • Check for signs of mold in the camper
  • Determine how much space you need in your camper
  • Inspect the ceiling carefully to look for potential leaks
  • Open exterior panels to check for rot or mold
  • Look for important safety features and technology