You can Still Save $200 on the MacBook Air at Best Buy

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Last Updated on August 20, 2019 by Mark P.

Following the end of Best Buy’s three day summer sale, which ended last Sunday, the retailer has increased its discounts on many Apple laptops. The most noteworthy is the newest MacBook Air, which is currently selling for $200 off its retail price at $900. This is actually double the $100 savings Best Buy had offered over the weekend. Unfortunately, the almost identical 2018 version was selling for an even cheaper $850, but it has since sold out.

That said, the next version up, the 2018 256GB SSD is still on sale at a moderately more expensive $1,050. The comparison of the available options right now are as follows:

$200 off 2019 MacBook Air:

At $900, this is one of the best deals you’ll find on the new MacBook Air, which has Retina True Tone display and was only released by Apple a few weeks ago. Chances are this will be the lowest price to find on this laptop short of Black Friday, and even then it may not drop any further than it is right now. That being the case, now is a great time to cash in.

$350 off 2018 MacBook Air 256GB SSD:

If you want the most bang for your buck, this computer is probably a better option than the 2019 model. The differences in performance between the two are utterly negligible, but this one has SSD and a lot more storage space. It’s also a much bigger discount than the 2019 model, at $50 less than the debut entry of the 128GB variant of itself from last year. Granted, if you don’t think you need that much storage space for whatever you do with your MacBook, then it’s probably not worth spending an extra $150 for this laptop as opposed to the 2019 new model. After all, the difference between the two isn’t very notable outside of storage space.

2018 MacBook Air:

This was the cheapest option at $850, but it is now sold out. We’re only telling you about it to reiterate how good these deals are; and that stock isn’t unlimited. Just like this laptop, the other two are likely to be sold out rather soon as well, as they are both available at an excellent price right now. Like we said, short of Black Friday you likely won’t find discounts this high on these laptops again, and even then there’s no guarantee they’ll be lower on that one day of the year. So if you have the money to spare and need a new laptop, now would be a very good time to visit Best Buy or its website and take advantage of this sweet deal.