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You have the console. You have the controller. You have the chair, the setup, the everything. The list goes on and on, and yet having a professional level headset is something amateur gamers go without. Spoiler alert: they shouldn’t. Even if you’re opting to use something like Skull Candy or Bose earbuds, you’re leaving too much on the table. Please, please, PLEASE don’t try to say if it has a microphone and you’re getting the game audio directly into your ears it’s the same—it isn’t. Gaming headsets are engineered to provide audio specifically for video games meaning that you will hear the faintest of noises and be able to identify which direction they’re coming from.
Best Wireless Earbud Headphones

The Best Wireless Earbuds

You’re sitting there reading this because you need a new pair of headphones. You’ve already made the first correct decision by deciding on a pair of wireless earbuds. Thanks to constantly improving technology and a handful of other benefits, you can’t even walk down a crowded street or through an office building without seeing a few people wearing wireless earbuds.