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WoodWick Vintage Hobnail Candle Vanilla Bean (Pack of 2)

How many candles act as music to your ears, helping you to relax and unwind? This vanilla bean scented candle sounds as lovely as it smells. Crafted with a wooden wick that crackles as it burns, this unique made in the USA candle appeals to much more than just your sense of smell. Encased in a charming heavy glass decorative container with a vintage hobnail glass design, this vanilla bean candle has a musky vanilla bean scent that’s off the charts—making it one of our best-selling candles.

LA JOLIE MUSE Vanilla Coconut Scented Soy Candle (100% Natural Vegan Wax Travel Tins,...

This soy wax candle’s balsam bourbon vanilla fragrance softened with hints of coconut will make you feel as if you’ve stepped onto a tropic island. Relax and unwind while enjoying the magical scent of this vanilla and coconut soy wax candle’s intoxicating fragrance. Crafted with natural soy wax and perfume-grade essential oils this delightful candle provides 40-45 hours of clean-burn time. Encased in a lovely decorative tin suitable for gifting, the tin can be used as a charming display accent. Best yet, after the candle is gone, the beautiful tin can be reused as a pretty storage container for paper clips or wrapped hard candy.

Large 2-Wick Tumbler Candle, French Vanilla

This elegant French Vanilla candle creates a warm and inviting fragrance wafting delicately throughout your home. The classic vanilla scented candle, capturing the essence of vanilla extracted from orchids is crafted of premium-grade wax. You’ll enjoy 75-110 hours of clean-burn time with each large 2-wick French Vanilla candle. Grab one for yourself and one for a friend who loves yummy smelling vanilla candles. The clear glass decorative tumbler case, with lid, looks lovely when it is placed atop a mantle, coffee table or candle stand.

Village Candle Creamy Vanilla 26 oz. Glass Jar Scented Candle

You’ll be tempted to take a bite, but don’t! This delectable creamy vanilla paraffin wax candle has a pure and sweet vanilla scent that will draw tons of compliments from houseguests. This creamy vanilla candle burns slowly and lasts a long time—making it a great value.  When the air in your home smells stale and musky, light up this irresistible smelling Creamy Vanilla candle to instantly transform the air into a vanilla-scented haven.

CANDLOVE Honeysuckle Jasmin 16 Oz Mason Jar – (100% Soy – Made in The...

This 100% soy wax candle has got it all—a fresh honeysuckle scent that’s absolutely divine, premium ingredients,  and an adorable clear glass mason jar container that lets you see the candle’s pretty color. When you light this long-lasting clean-burning candle, you will feel as if you are walking through a sunlit garden filled with fragrant honeysuckle and jasmine flowers.

Craft & Kin Premium All-Natural Vanilla Bean Soy Wax, Non-Toxic, Long Lasting Candle

The sensual, musky sweet fragrance of vanilla is one of the most popular scents worldwide. Be warned! There’s bad vanilla that smells a little burnt and weird and then there’s fresh smelling warm and inviting like the vanilla scent of this highly scented vanilla candle. The intoxicating scent of the soft and soothing fragrance floating through the air of your house after lighting this premium soy candle will make you feel as if you are enveloped in a warm hug.

Best Vanilla Candles – Top Reviewed & Highest Rated

Candles are the gift that keeps on giving. People use candles to set the mood or create a first impression when walking into a new home or even as a gift for a close friend. Scents can bring up a lot of memories, whether it’s the holidays, an island vacation or fresh crisp laundry. One of the most popular fragrances that creates warmth and memories is the Vanilla candle, and below we talk about the Top 5 best-selling, most delicious, vanilla scented candles under $20. While it is just a candle, finding the right scented candle for you is important. Each candle smells different and each candle offers a unique ambiance. Whether you're looking for a candle for your living room, your bathroom or bedroom, we've listed a good option for each.

Best Fragrance Oils for Candles – Reviews, What They Are & Where to Buy

Making homemade candles is a great way to spend your free time, and it will help save you money from buying those expensive name-brand options from department stores. These DIY crafts allow you to add your own fragrance and color to each candle for a unique scent and style in each one. However, finding the best fragrance oils for this type of project can be a lot to deal with since there are so many options to look at.