Deal Review: 2-Pack Tile Pro Tracker with Replaceable Battery

You can get a 2-Pack of Tile Pro Tracker with replaceable battery for only $47.50 on Amazon!

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Find anything with this durable Tile Pro smart finder. It can locate a smartphone within 300 feet even when it’s in silent mode, and it works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for expanded use. This water-resistant Tile Pro is twice as loud as the Tile Mate, so you can find items when they’re farther away.


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Tile Pro Review

How many times have you lost, or simply misplaced items such as your phone, keys, or wallet? It most probably occurs more often than you would like. Unfortunately, losing important items are just a symptom of the busy lives we lead; and why it usually seems to happen when you need the item the most, or are in a rush trying to get out of the house, for example, is another issue, one that can be taken up with the universe.

Imagine at the push of a button you can sound an alarm that lets you know exactly where your misplaced items are. That is precisely what the Tile Pro Tracker does. You can use the Tile Tracker app on your phone to locate any item attached to a tile. See its last location, or ring it and follow the sound to its location. Lost your phone and can’t use the app? Not a problem. You can press the button on the Tile Pro twice to make your phone ring even if your phone is set to silent.

Previous versions of the Tile Tracker had a limited life span, but not so for the Tile Pro Tracker. Original Tile trackers didn’t have the ability to replace the battery. Once it ran its course you had to replace the entire item. However, with the Tile Pro Tracker, there is no need to replace it as you can simply swap out the battery once it dies. And with the CR2032 battery expected to last for a year, you won’t need to replace it that often.

In the age of social media and people connecting like never before you can take advantage of the excellent new ‘community find’ feature incorporated in the Tile Pro.  If you’ve lost an item you can now get help from millions of Tile users to assist you in locating it. If your Tile is far away, updates can be sent from other users apps to yours.

The Tile Pro Tracker is a small item but has a big impact. It usually retails for $35 for a single Tile, but Amazon has a 2-pack for only $47.50.

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