Deal Review: 3 Boxes of Quaker Life Cinnamon Cereal, 13oz

Amazon has a good deal on 3 boxes of Quaker Life Cinnamon Breakfast Cereal for $4.58!

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  • Heart Healthy Whole Grains – Quaker Oats are 100% Whole Grains. Diets rich in whole grain foods and other plant foods and low in saturated fat & cholesterol may help reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Start your day off right with Life breakfast cereal


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3 Boxes of Quaker Life Cinnamon Cereal, 13oz Review

Starting your day with a bowl of cereal is almost a guarantee you’ll have a good morning. Most people have their favorite kind of cereal that becomes their go-to, which could be because it was a favorite since childhood or a variety picked up later along the way. Quaker’s Life Multi-grain cereal is certainly one of those all-around great cereals that many of us are either nostalgic about or simply just came to love it later on in life.

Aside from the fact that Life is a great tasting cereal, it also has some health benefits. For example, Life cereal is an excellent source of B-vitamins which help convert food into energy, something we all want first thing in the morning. In addition, it has 20 grams of whole grains per serving, and also helps promote healthy hearts. 

Cereal is often fairly pricey, especially the big name brands. So when a deal like this comes around it is definitely worth a look. Right now you can get 3 boxes of Quaker Life Cinnamon cereal 13oz for as low as $3.97 when you checkout via Subscribe and Save and choose the 15% off option. Be sure to tick the box found on the item page for 20% off as well!


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