Deal Review: Farberware 3.2-Quart Oil-Less Multi-Functional Fryer (11190)

The Farberware 3.2-Quart Oil-Less Multi-Functional Fryer is on sale at Walmart for only $59.88 with free one-day shipping!

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You can now cook faster, healthier meals thanks to the Farberware 3.2 Quart Oil-Less Multi-Functional Fryer. This advanced fryer is the perfect appliance to grill, bake, roast or fry family favorites like chicken, french fries, onion rings and even desserts. Using Rapid Hot Air Technology, it cooks foods to a golden and crispy finish using little to no oil, reducing fat and calories compared to traditional frying.


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4 out of 5 stars

Farberware 3.2-Quart Oil-Less Fryer Review

It is hard to deny that fried foods taste great. From the unhealthy fast food to home fried dishes there are endless amounts of food options to choose. However, in today’s society with the popularity of being active and eating healthy, with organic, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, to name a few, it’s hard to get away with dining on those unhealthy calorie-packed fried foods.

What if you can get great tasting fried food and do it in a more healthy way? Well, that best-of-both-worlds option has been made possible with the invention of the oil-less air fryer. This game-changing easy-to-use kitchen appliance lets to fry up your favorite dishes in a fast and clean way without using oil, without having that fried oil smell that lasts for days, and of course, without the guilt of eating fried food.

Farberware makes many versions of oil-less air fryers and one of the better ones is the 3.2-Quart Oil-Less Multi-Functional Fryer. It has a large almost 1-gallon capacity so you can fit a lot of food, up to 2lbs, in the FDA-approved non-stick coated food basket. Preparing healthy and great tasting snacks or even meals for the whole family has been made much easier and quicker with the Farberware oil-less fryer’s efficient cooking performance and quick preheating time.

Your healthy menu has officially expanded as this machine can replace anything you normally cook, fry, bake, roast or grill. That covers everything from french fries, chicken, meat, vegetables, and much more.  Farberware has also included a recipe book which includes 25 amazing recipes to get you up and running right away.

With no oil splatter and minimal mess to deal with the clean up is a breeze, especially because the food basket is a dishwasher-safe component. Usually retailing for $100 this current deal at Walmart lets you snatch it up for only $59.88! Get it while this deal price lasts!

Store: Walmart

Brand: Farberware

UPC: 848052003163

SKU: 11190