Best Ceiling Fans with Wall Control for Kitchen Bedroom and Living Room

Are you looking for the best wall control ceiling fan for your home, office or warehouse? We've reviewed hundreds of options and listed our top picks. See them below. Also, be sure to check out our wall control ceiling fan buying guide below.

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Ceiling Fans with Wall Control On Sale Today

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Wall Control Ceiling Fan Overview

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to air flow or stagnation, installing a ceiling fan is a great place to start. Whether it is in your home or workspace, having a safe and reliable fan allows you to circulate air at your discretion. We’ve chosen to highlight a mix of fans designed for personal and industrial use, showcasing different types, styles and prices.

Is a Wall Control Ceiling Fan Right For You?

For most people, it is not practical to have a fan that can only be controlled with pull chains, due to high ceilings, being unable to access the area right beneath the fan, or simply having difficulty remembering which string does what. Due to this, we looked exclusively at fans that are controlled with wall mounted dials or wall switches. We figure, if the technology is available, why not take advantage?

Why Upgrade

Besides for just the controls, fan technology has dramatically improved in recent years, and while your current fan might work just fine, it is undeniable that there are new ways to improve efficiency and application. With products that have been tailored for unique purposes, it is quite literally irresponsible to purchase a fan that is not designed for your niche, or even ceiling height.

In order to find your fit, it is necessary to evaluate your needs and test the market to see what’s out there before even thinking about making a purchase. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, chances are you’re going to find yourself disappointed somewhere down the road.

Our List

By taking a look at various rankings, reviews and testing data, we were able to compile a comprehensive guide that educates consumers on how to choose the correct type of fan for the room of their choice. As reviewers, it is our duty to provide different options that cover a wide variety of consumer needs.

With countless options available on the market, even if your specific needs don’t fall into one of our categories, we believe that the details and value we provide with our guide will help you confidently walk into a store or shop online, and make the right choice for you.

Here are the best wall-control ceiling fans:

1. Best Overall: Emerson Ceiling Fans CF130WW Tilo Modern Low Profile Indoor Outdoor Damp Rated Wall Control Ceiling Fan with 30-Inch Blades

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF130WW Tilo Wall Control Ceiling Fan Review

Small and practical, Emerson delivers again with their Hugger Ceiling Fan. For what it lacks in size, it makes up in power. While it has just 3 blades and spans only 30 inches, the fan dominates the competition, moving air at 2278 cubic feet per minute. These numbers may not make much sense given that most people do not regularly see this type of measurements, but power like this is not usually found in fans that are only 2 and a half feet across.

The Emerson Hugger comes in 4 different colors: Brushed Steel, Industrial White, White and Oil-Rubbed Bronze. Emerson is a brand that stands behind its products, offering a lifetime motor warranty and 1-year warranty on other parts and electronics when purchased through an authorized retailer. Besides the manufacturer warranty, there may be additional protection plans available.

The most important feature of this fan is the fact it can be used in so many different locations. If you are someone who lives in Florida, or really anywhere that’s humid or damp, you’ll find that most fans aren’t capable of withstanding your unique atmosphere. If you find yourself in similar conditions, the Hugger fan is suited just for you as it is not only capable of withstanding damp conditions, but it is built specifically for it (sunrooms and dens we’re looking at you).

While most fans of this size have pull strings that control speed and other features, when you buy this product, you’ll be able to control it using a 4-speed sliding wall control. Additionally, it comes with a 4.5” downrod, though other sizes are available for purchase. If you aren’t what the correct size downrod is for your room, Emerson has created tons of easy to understand graphics that encompass ceiling type, height and room size.

Original Retail $133.98
UPC 00030844023910
Model CF130WW
Brand Emerson

2. Best Industrial: Emerson Ceiling Fans HF1160BQ Modern Industrial Wall Control Ceiling Fan with 60-Inch Blades

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Emerson Ceiling Fans HF1160BQ Industrial Wall Control Ceiling Fan Review

A premier industrial brand, Emerson has produced one of the most efficient and powerful options for circulating air in commercial spaces and warehouses. Built with 3 blades, the Emerson Industrial is highly efficient, and coated with chemical resistant polypropylene, meaning it will be able to handle even the harshest of conditions without sacrificing functionality.

You will have the choice of two colors, Barbecue Black or Appliance White.

While most industrial fans can only be used indoors, this fan can also be used in an open space where it is exposed to outside elements. Due to the high power the Emerson Industrial generates, the blades must be mounted 10-feet above the ground, at minimum.

Since this fan is most often used in commercial settings, it does not make sense for it to have a mobile remote control. Instead, it uses a wall mounted control system that comes with a dial so that you can pick the speed. Chances are that if you are in an industrial space, you will want to have more than one matching fan. Accounting for this, Emerson also offers a Variable Speed Wall Control which can control a maximum of 9 fans at once.

If a fan is easy to install and provides superior output than fans of a similar price, purchasing one, or many, for your industrial space is a no-brainer.

Original Retail $160.72
UPC 00030844027611
Model HF1160BQ
Brand Emerson

3. Best Splurge: Casa Vieja 52 Inch 02-9326-7W Ancestry Hugger Low Profile Wall Control Ceiling Fan with Dimmable Light LED & Remote Control

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4.5 out of 5 stars

Casa Vieja 02-9326-7W Country Cottage Wall Control Ceiling Fan Review

Resembling something that you might find in a Newport mansion or a rustic estate, the Case Vieja Ancestry Hugger ceiling fan is designed to be the centerpiece of your most regal room. Capable of capturing the attention of anyone visiting your home, this fan spans 52 inches with 5 blades, each pitched to 14 degrees, powerful enough to effortlessly cool a large room. Available in White and Brown, the color options allow you to find your perfect match.

If you want to make a splash in your house, you need to be prepared to dive into your bank account. With a list price of $330, Casa Vieja has produced the crème de la crème of remote-controlled ceiling fans.

Aside from appearance, what sets this fan apart from the competition is a powerful motor and transcendent lighting capabilities. Furnished with a 172 x 20 mm motor and housed in a 14” frame, the force is with you. Between massive blades and an efficient motor, in an open concept home, this fan is suitable for circulating air across multiple rooms.

With each purchase, 2 dimmable LED bulbs are included, as well as an integrated frosted glass light kit. With the variable lighting options, you’ll be equipped to create an ambiance that matches the mood of your area. As most people realize, one setting is not for every occasion. To accommodate for this, the fan comes with a hand held remote capable of controlling the fan and lights.

While the price tag might not be for everyone, most of those who have made the splurge have been satisfied.

Original Retail $329.99
UPC 00736101972402
Model 02-9326-7W LED
Brand Casa Vieja
SKU 02-9326-7W LED

4. Most Versatile: Minka-Aire F727-DK Rudolph 52 Inch 3-Blade Wall Control Ceiling Fan in Distressed Koa Finish

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4 out of 5 stars

Minka-Aire F727-DK Rudolph Wall Control Ceiling Fan Review

Quality and value. The two key characteristics of a valuable fan, both of which are captured by the Minka-Aire F727-DK Rudolph 52″ 3-Blade Ceiling Fan. If the name of this fan wasn’t descriptive enough, yes, it is comprised of 3 blades that measure 52’ across. Though there is one color option, “Koa;” the wood finish is sure to fit any room with coordinating colors, exposed wood, or even hardwood floors.

Besides the fan, you will also receive a 6” downrod at no additional cost. For those that are unaware, a downrod is a pipe that connects the base of the fan to the ceiling, reducing the potential for wobbling. Should you opt for a longer downrod, there are several different sizing options for this feature, including a matching 12” rod that can be purchased separately.

This versatility is incredibly important to spacing your fan and ceiling, or fitting the fan into an area with a pitched ceiling that would otherwise be unable to house the 52” frame.

Unlike many ceiling fans, there are no lights attached to this product. Due to its focus as a fan only, this becomes a viable option for large rooms, where a fan is needed, but lighting comes from other sources. With its natural appearance, natural lighting can be a perfect complement to highlight the Koa finish.

A Wall Control is used to change the speed of the Rudolph, which can be set to 4 different levels. This control will need to be hard wired into your home, but as a positive, you’ll never have to worry about batteries in a remote running out.

Original Retail $179.95
UPC 00706411054525
Model F727-DK
Brand Minka-Aire

5. Best Budget Industrial: Westinghouse Lighting 7812700 Industrial 56 Inch 3-Blade Indoor Wall Control Ceiling Fan with White Steel Blades

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4 out of 5 stars

Westinghouse Lighting 7812700 Industrial Wall Control Ceiling Fan Review

If you’re looking for a fan that will simply get the job done, the Westinghouse Industrial Fan is for you. It’s affordable, durable and designed specifically for indoor commercial, industrial or larger residence spaces. Created for spaces over 400 square feet, you can expect this fan to cool large open rooms, with its best work happening in an industrial setting.

Coming with 3 blades, the Westinghouse Industrial covers a radius of 56”. A major plus of this model is that it comes with a 15-year limited warranty on the motor and a 2-year warranty on all other parts when purchased through an authorized retailer. The same model fan comes in Fresh White and Brushed Nickel, though these colors are priced higher. Additionally, 2-packs are available in White and Brushed Nickel.

We consider this a “set it and forget it” fan, which can easily be done using a wall mounted control that has 5 speeds, giving a chance for everyone to find their perfect speed. A true air circulation machine, this fan is designed to be hung at least 10 feet above the ground, which circles back to its ideal use in industrial or large opens spaces.

Though it does not have the ability to second as a lighting fixture, most spaces that it would be used in typically come with their own, or natural light. In general, we would not recommend relying on a fan that must be installed at least 10 feet above the ground for primary lighting.

While the noise level might be cause for concern to some, since the fans are installed high above the ground, noise does not make as significant of an impact as a fan installed in a residential setting.

Original Retail $80.61
UPC 00024034781278
Model 7812700
Brand Westinghouse
SKU 7812700

Wall Control Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

Most shoppers have a lot of the same questions. Although all situations are not the same, we’ve chosen to look at some common problems that consumers encounter—and how to avoid the despair that comes with choosing the wrong fan.

Installation Location

First and foremost, you need to determine whether your fan will be going in your home, in a room like your living room or a bedroom, or elsewhere. If you’re going to be placing your fan in a garage or an industrial warehouse, your needs will be entirely different. The sooner your able to isolate where the fan will be placed, the sooner you’ll be able to start narrowing your options.

Ceiling Height & Room Size

The next two items to consider go hand-in-hand; how tall are your ceilings, and how much room do you have for your fan? There are many ceiling fans that are not suitable for ceilings under a certain height and installing the wrong fan decreases efficiency, and could possibly be dangerous.

Likewise, you must also gauge how much room you have for your fan to spin. In most open concept areas, this is not an issue. On the other hand, if you are trying to install a fan into a tight space or somewhere with a pitched ceiling, you need to allow the fan an appropriate amount of room to operate.


A commonly overlooked aspect of a fan is whether it provides lighting or not. Right of the bat, most industrial fans will not moonlight as a light source. These fans are usually placed on ceilings that are too high for their lights to even matter. With fans designed for power, trying to run a light through the same fixture could lead to the entire unit to burn out and breakdown far quicker than those that are used solely as a fan.

If you’re picking a fan for a bedroom or kitchen, it will likely be placed in the center of the room, exactly where your light would go. Being able to kill two birds with one stone (lighting and air circulation) is a major plus since most rooms of that type will not have ample room for you to install each appliance.

Motor Strength & Price

In general, higher priced fans have larger motors, which in turn provides more power and air circulation. Today, you are able to cover an area with one powerful fan that in years past, would have required multiple fans, which even together cannot compete with the efficiency of a modern ceiling fan. Outside of just power, fans that are more expensive are likely to have effective engines which prevent the need for maintenance and could even save you money in others ways since it will be more energy efficient.


At the end of the day, we understand that there are a ton of factors that go into choosing something that at first glance seems pretty simple. All things considered, we hope that the information we have provided helps you make an informed decision that you will be happy with.