Last Updated on April 17, 2022 by Mark P.

Verizon announced Aug. 2 that it would launch a new “mix-and-match” Unlimited plans with a discounted rate of about $5. These “unlimited” plans come with certain features for each phone line. As Verizon moves into 5G services the new plans offer features for both 4G and 5G capable phones. Currently, Verizon has 5G launched in parts of Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, St. Paul, Denver, Providence, Indianiapolis and Washington, D.C.

Verizon said it plans to expand its services to more than 30 cities by the end of this year.
Starting Aug. 5, Verizon customers can pay for the unlimited services that they use, mixing and matching the services to the customer’s preference. The plans start at $70 a month for one line.

“Breaking customers free of the one-size-fits-all family plan was just the beginning; now we’re taking it a step further by giving more flexibility with plans that were designed to fit individual needs,” said Angie Klein, vice president of marketing at Verizon. “No matter how you use your phone — whether it’s your entertainment hub, or it’s for managing your life and work, or, if you’re like me, for all of the above — we’ve got a plan for you at a value that can’t be matched with our best-ever rates on Unlimited plans.”

However, Gizmodo reports notably that the premium data part in the fine text of the plans could mess with a customer’s connectivity: “The premium data is where things start to get tricky, because despite being called unlimited plans, the fine text at the bottom of Verizon’s infographic notes that ‘In times of congestion, your [unlimited 4G LTE] data may be temporarily slower than other traffic (only after 25 GB/mo on Play More Unlimited, 50 GB/mo on Do More Unlimited and 75 GB/mo on Get More Unlimited),’ Gizmodo reported.

“In other words, Verizon’s premium data is essentially a soft data cap, after which your data speeds could be throttled based on network congestion. And despite costing the same, the Play More Unlimited plan only comes with 25GB of premium 4G LTE data instead of 50GB like you get with the Do More Unlimited plan.”

Verizon’s start unlimited plan provides 5G access, unlimited data on 5GUWB, unlimited 5G hotspot, unlimited 4GLTE data and 480 streaming. However, the starter plan does not provide the 4G hotspot. The next two tiers provide similar servies with the exception that DoMore adds 50 gb of premium 4GLTE data and 500GB of cloud storage, while PlayMore has 720p HD streaming on 4GLTE and 25 gigs of premium data.