New Tools with iOS 13

Dark Mode, new photo tab, Camera tools, easier sign in and more.

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Last Updated on October 26, 2019 by Mark P.

Apple’s latest release of iOS 13 as seen mixed reviews, but there’s plenty of useful, new features users can implement in their daily lives. Here’s a list of some of the best features that come with iOS 13.

1. Dark Mode

Not a fan of light backgrounds or want something easier on the eyes? Dark mode allows for users to use their phones in a whole new way that’s not as bright and great in low-light situations. Dark mode can even be scheduled to turn off and on at certain times. It’s built into all of your favorite apps already and ready to enjoy.

2. New photo tab

The new photos tab helps users curate their libraries easier and even has an option to sort the photos by day, month or highlights from years past. Additionally, Apple has added a way to remove duplicates, screen shots and other documents so only photos show. There’s even video editing support with filters users can apply while taking video. Apple’s added a vibrancy booster, the ability to sharpen photos and noise reduction for even better photo performance.

3. Camera tools

Users can now adjust lighting while shooting in portrait mode and increase the intensity of the portrait-lighting effect.

4. Signing in is easier

Instead of trying to remember passwords, users can sign in by using their Apple ID to fill out website forms. This makes it so much easier! Also, Apple has included an option to hide a user’s email address. This function works on all Apple devices.

5. New Apple maps

Apple states it has “rebuilt the maps from the ground up.” There’s more details in maps and its more realistic. Customers can submit feedback to make maps more accurate now and replace incorrect addresses or business hours. Apple’s even added real-time transit routes for users.

6. Memoji

Phones with memoji can customize them even more to look just like you or anyone else. Apple’s added 30 more hairstyles, 15 headwear options as well.

7. Reminders

Apple’s added new reminders to help users keep track of important events and items need for everyday life. Additionally, you can add photos and documents to reminders that may help with the task at hand. Smart lists also organize user’s reminders and can group them together to help with similar tasks.

8. Calendar

Users can now add attachments to the calendar or events!

9. Health

Track your menstrual cycle: Apple’s added a way for users to track their menstrual cycles— no need to download an app. Apple’s even added a fertility window predictor to help women find out when they are ovulating!

New activity logging: Users can compare their last 90- days of activity to the last year. Additionally, the app features calories, exercise minutes, stand hours and more.