Whole Foods Market Experts Predict 2020 Top 10 Food Trends

After Amazon acquired Whole Foods, the company has been promoting its products and services as well as deals available through Amazon Prime.

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Recently, Amazon got Whole Foods Market experts to predict some new food trends coming up for the new decade. The experts include a range of Whole Foods team members, buyers for Whole Foods, and others. As the world moves into 2020, here’s some of the food trends Whole Foods predicts will take hold of consumers.

Regenerative agriculture

More and more consumers are looking at how to reduce their carbon footprint as they move into the next decade. Regenerative agriculture looks at farming practices that “restore degraded soil and improve biodiversity,” according to Whole Foods. Experts believe consumers will look for companies that put this concept to practice.

Unique flour options

As almond flour has begun to take to everyday shelves, Whole Foods experts predict that fruit and vegetable flours will soon become mainstream as well. Alternative flours can add more protein and nutrients for consumers with dietary restrictions.

West African foods

Whole Foods believes more West African inspired dishes and culinary creations will hit the shelves. Different grains should hit the shelves soon.

Ready-to-eat snacks

Whole Foods individuals believe fresh, refrigerated snacks will take on a whole new life when 2020 hits. As trends have gone towards fresher, nutrient-rich foods, snacking will also delve into perfectly portioned healthy bites like boiled eggs, vegetables, soups and more.

Plant-based products (other than soy)

While soy has been the big hit over the past decade, alternative energy sources for protein have come to light. Whole Foods experts expect more vegan-friendly protein sources will hit the shelves that are plant based and tasty, including products like pumpkin, avocados and more.

Nut-butters, spreads and more

While the past has moved away from dairy-based spreads or “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” gimmicks, nut butters are predicted to grow in popularity. Fresh almond butter, pumpkin butter and even a variety of seed butters are expected to grow in popularity.

Goodbye Kid’s Menu

Kids don’t just want chicken nuggets anymore. They are starting to consider their health and even schools are changing the normal lunch menus to healthier, fresh options. Whole Foods expects that kids will want healthier and more unique flavors.

Unique sugar options

Outside of traditional sugar and sugar replacements, Whole Foods experts predict that sweeteners from coconuts, sweet potatoes and even pomegranates.

Plant meets meat

So traditionally, some tend to stick to meat or plant-based proteins, but Whole Foods experts predict that a blend of the two may become more available soon.

Non-alcoholic drinks

And last but not least, Whole Foods expects more non-alcoholic beverages to pop up on shelves for consumers. “Think alt-gin for gin and tonics and botanical-infused faux spirits for a faux martini,” Whole Foods wrote. “Add to that options enjoyed straight from the bottle or can, like hops-infused sparkling waters and zero-proof aperitifs, and you can be sure guests avoiding the bar cart will never get bored.”

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