This Week’s Pokémon Go Event is Giving out a Ton of Stardust

From October 3rd to October 10th, you’ll get twice as much Stardust when you capture or hatch a Pokémon.

Pokemon Go Stardust

Last Updated on April 17, 2022 by Mark P.

Pokémon Go regularly holds events in order to keep things entertaining for the players. Sometimes it is special raids, sometimes it is the ability catch Pokémon with special moves. This time it’s all about giving out that sweet Stardust. To be fair, the event, Stardust Blast, has been held before, but Niantic will be bringing it back for October 3rd to October 10th, allowing players to get much more Stardust than usual.

Basically, throughout that seven day period, you’ll get twice as much Stardust when you capture or hatch a Pokémon. You’ll also get twice as much Stardust for battling with Team Rocket Grunts. Furthermore, you’ll be guaranteed to receive 2000 Stardust whenever you participate in a raid.

Considering how much Stardust you really need to make headway in this game, as well as how much Stardust things start costing once you get to the higher levels, this is an important opportunity for players to stock up on this valuable resource and out it to good use. Considering that you need large amounts of Stardust for both powering up your Pokémon and trading with other players, you can never really have too much of it.

Since a new month has started, a new host of field research tasks have been established as well, and Niantic has outlined the month’s Legendary Raid Hour events too. These legendary raid hours will give you a better chance of acquiring the altered form Giratina, as well as another legendary Pokémon that hasn’t been announced just yet. As for October’s Community Day, that’s going to be on October 12th, and the featured Pokémon is the somewhat rare Trapinch.

Aside from that, it’s pretty clear that Niantic has some plans for Team Rocket in the game as well, with many aspects of the criminal organization being teased recently, including the addition of new villainous members. How they’ll impact the game is yet to be seen, but they will likely still be related to the Shadow Pokémon gimmick that currently exists within he game. That said, new content is always a plus, and short of getting new Pokémon to catch, things like this are the next best thing for Pokémon Go. For the players that are still enjoying the game even now, this week is sure to be a very profitable adventure in regards to Stardust.