Get ‘The Wolf Among Us’ for Free and See Teaser for ‘The Wolf Among Us 2’

The Wolf Among Us 2 is Coming, and the First Game is Free until December 19th
The Wolf Among Us 2 is Coming, and the First Game is Free until December 19th

Last Updated on December 16, 2019 by Mark P.

Many things were announced and revealed at the Game Awards this year, with some of the revelations being massive and the others just being news about upcoming games. One great piece of news that some people might have missed out on or forgotten about under the shadow of the Xbox Series X is the revival of The Wolf Among Us series. LCG Entertainment, which relaunched Telltale Games earlier in 2019, revealed a teaser trailer of the sequel during a press release.

Of course, we don’t actually know much of anything about the sequel at all. All we know is that it is being developed for both PC and consoles, and that it will be an Epic Games exclusive. Other than that, we know nothing; no details about the plot, no timeline on whether or not it will always be an Epic Games exclusive, not even a potential release date. That said, that lack of detail doesn’t change the fact that the revival of the franchise is a quintessential miracle: considering how Telltale Games closed down last year, many fans believed The Wolf Among Us was doomed to remain a singular title that would never be touched again.

There is, however, some news that we are certain of, and it’s definitely on the bright side. In celebration of the announcement for a sequel, you can get the original The Wolf Among Us on the Epic Games store for free until December 19th. Normally, this game would cost you $15; not a huge sum, but why pay a single dollar when you can get something totally free of charge? After all, with a new game in the works, even if we don’t know when it will be released, it’s not a bad time to nab the original. Depending on how long the sequel takes to get here, players may need to refresh their memories of the plot (assuming the games are relevant to each other, which seems pretty likely).

Even if you haven’t played The Wolf Among Us or even heard of it, there’s never any harm in trying something free just to see if it can be a worthy addition to your game library. That said, don’t forget to take advantage of this free gift before December 19th, or you’ll be stuck in the $15 boat that you can easily avoid. With the possibility of the sequel coming our way in 2020, now is as good a time as any to take advantage of the offer.