A Saints Row 3 Remaster has been Announced

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Last Updated on April 7, 2020 by Mark P.

Technically the last decade is over, but it was a good ten years for game remakes, reboots and remasters. 2020 has been going pretty poorly thus far, but that doesn’t mean there’s no good news to be had. In fact, the much-beloved open-world crime and comedy adventure Saints Row 3 is getting a remaster for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. Seeing as how it has been nine years since the game’s release, an upgrade in graphics is a welcome one.

The remastered version of the game will be released on May 22nd, under the title “Saints Row the Third Remastered.” A trailer comparing the remaster to the original game has already been released, proving that the upgrade in graphics is well and truly significant, and possibly worth spending some money on if you are a fan.

Saints Row 3 is arguably the most beloved entry in the entire franchise, in which you and your Third Street Saints gang run a criminal empire in the city of Steelport. Naturally, all sorts of challengers step up to the plate, with mishaps and shenanigans aplenty. Whether it is riding around in a convertible with a starving tiger, competing on a lethal reality TV show or leaping out of planes indiscriminately, Saints Row never fails to be utterly absurd but ridiculously fun. It’s hard to believe the franchise actually took itself seriously at one point, but to be frank, no one is really complaining. The evolution from Grand Theft Auto clone to unique and zany lunacy was mostly a welcome one.

Either way, the good news doesn’t stop there. The Saints Row 3 Remaster will include more than 30+ items worth of DLC, so we’ll even get a little extra on top of all of those new models, lighting, and texture.

The remaster is currently being developed by Spearsoft, under the guidance of the original developing team at Volition. Unfortunately, anything else we can say about Saints Row and its future is conjecture. Is the existence of this remaster hinting at the possibility of other such remasters for the franchise? Considering that the first two Saints Row games aren’t nearly as popular as 3 and 4, it seems unlikely that those two will get a remaster as well, though we can’t entirely discount the possibility either.

We also can’t say for certain if this means the series could possibly get a continuation at some point, or if this is just a temporary interest on a few developer’s part. If the remaster sells well enough, it very well could mean some more additions to the Saints Row franchise at some point. But again, this is just conjecture, and there’s no evidence that this is the case.

But either way, it’s nice to see a crowd favorite get a remaster, especially since the graphics of large open-world games around that time weren’t always the best. Surely, a decent number of people will be willing to spend some money on it come May.