Best Deals for Xbox One September 2019

See below for top Xbox One deals available this month.

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With September being more than close enough to the holiday season, there are undoubtedly plenty of new deals and discounts to come along with it. It’s buying season after all, so developers and publishing companies are looking to take in the dough. Luckily for us, that means there are plenty of sweet deals available to take advantage of, and we’ll talk about some of the best ones here.

Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle Xbox One

Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle Xbox One
Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle Xbox One – Credit: Amazon

First up are some excellent Xbox One bundle deals, which includes the X and S variants. The most noteworthy one this month is definitely the Gears 5 Limited Edition bundle. This includes an Xbox One and its controller, both with unique designs, as well as every entry in the Gears of War franchise, sans GOW: Judgment. It even includes a month of Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. The price of all of this is $499.00, but you can potentially get it for less with Amazon’s trade-in option. Of course, at the moment, this bundle is only available for pre-order.

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Control for Xbox One

Control for Xbox One
Control for Xbox One – Credit: Amazon

Also available is the newly released and highly acclaimed Control, which you can get for just $37.50. Released by Remedy back on August 27th, it has received a lot of praise, which makes a sale this good even more unusual. If you’ve heard of the game and are interested in it, Amazon has it on sale for the aforementioned $37.50. Just a reminder, this game came out just barely a week ago, so a price like this is truly phenomenal, especially considering its excellent reception. Just to be clear, the price won’t show up as $37.50 until you’re at checkout, so don’t be concerned if the price is higher on the initial sale page.

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

There’s also a fantastic deal going on with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate right now. At, you can get the first two months of this subscription service for just $2. Game Pass Ultimate is one of the most advantageous subscriptions out there; it gives you Xbox Live Gold membership, as well as access to both the PC and Xbox One Game Pass libraries. Of course, you also get access to many of Xbox’s first-party games on the very day that they launch, and you can even get access to a lot of third-party games on their launch dates. After those first two months, you’d have to pay $15 a month, but considering how much you get out of Game Pass Ultimate, that’s not at all a bad deal.

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There are also a ton of Xbox One games on sale in general, so be sure to check the Xbox store for all the great deals that are going on this month.

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