3,200 PC Games are Available at a Discounted Price

Fanatical Spring Sale
Fanatical Spring Snippet - Credit: Fanatical

Last Updated on March 10, 2020 by Mark P.

With Fanatical’s Spring Sale finally going live, a downright massive assortment of PC games is available at a discounted price. These games can be purchased through PC Game Keys, the vast majority of which can be redeemed on Steam.

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Fanatical Sale Overview

There are over 3,200 games available during this sale, giving interested customers a massive incentive to check it out. On top of that, Fanatical is offering a number of rapid flash sales, which results in even more notable discounts. To sweeten the pot even further, spending just $10 on this Spring Sale will result in you getting Age of Decadence for free, a game that sells for $15 on Steam.

The Spring Sale even includes discounts on pre-order games, such as the Resident Evil 3 Remake, Doom Eternal, and Death Stranding. All of these games are coming to the PC within a few months (Doom Eternal is coming out in just about a week and a half), so buying them at a discount is something that will pay off relatively soon.

Some of the great games you’ll be able to buy during this Spring Sale include The Outer Worlds for $42, Total War: Three Kingdoms for $50 and Civilization VI Digital Deluxe Edition for about $20. Furthermore, a huge array of Capcom games are discounted as well, which includes titles from the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry series.

With literally thousands of games on sale at great prices, this Spring Sale is a great time to capitalize on opportunities. Games that are generally as expensive as $100 can be acquired as low as $30 and below. As for the flash deals, they can offer some seriously great discounts, but you have to keep in mind that they won’t last the course of the entire sale, so you’ll need to act fast.

Before you buy any of the games available during this sale, make sure you notice exactly which platform the keys can be redeemed on, which can include Uplay, Steam, or Epic Games. Whether you are looking to preorder one of the anticipated upcoming games or stocking up on already released titles, this is definitely one of the biggest sales for PC games going on all year, so missing it would certainly be a big shame. Act now while you can still nab all the games you want at drastically reduced prices!

See Spring Sale at Fanatical