500 Million New Passports on Marriotts Dime?

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Last Updated on April 17, 2022 by Mark P.

Last week news broke that 500 million Marriott customers had their personal data exposed resulting from one of the largest hacks in US history, and the fallout is only getting worse.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer says Marriott should be on the hook for the $110 cost of renewing every effected customer’s passport. The reason, the AP reports, is that they are now more susceptible to identity theft to no fault of their own.  Marriott, however, did respond saying it would reimburse individuals if they do experience fraud as a result of the data hack.


Marriott urges customers who believe they have been effected by the breach to complete the enrollment process on the website and call center which they’ve set up together with Kroll, the firm they partnered with to deal with the aftermath.




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