New Games Are Available For Xbox Game Pass For The End Of March

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Last Updated on April 21, 2020 by Mark P.

Microsoft has finally revealed a bit more information on the titles being added to Xbox Game Pass for the month of March, late as it may be. The good news is, there are some seriously good games up for grabs for Game Pass owners. However, as is typical by now, the Xbox and PC lineups for Game Pass vary just a bit. Not all games are available on all platforms, so it is understandable why this is the case. Some of the games we are about to mention are only available on one platform or the other.

We’ll cover the PC Game Pass additions first, starting with the beat ‘em up game Bleeding Edge, Power Ranges: Battle for the Grid, the Sci-Fi game reminiscent of Dark Souls, The Surge 2 and Shakespearean comedy Astrologaster.

On the Xbox side of the things, the Game Pass additions include the detective game Kona and the revival of the beloved Ace Combat series, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Bleeding Edge, The Surge 2, and the aforementioned Power Rangers game are all available on the Xbox One as well.

In other big Game Pass news, the service is now offering a ‘perks’ system, in which Ultimate subscribers get access to DLC and other in-game content for free. Ultimate is the upgraded version of Game Pass: it costs $15 a month instead of $10, but includes that new perk system as well as an Xbox Live Gold subscription at the same time.

On the other hand, a fair number of games are leaving the subscription service relatively soon. Those games include Battle Chef Brigade for PC, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for Xbox and Cities: Skylines on both platforms.

As for when the new arrivals will actually join the subscription service, a good number of them are already present. Ace Combat 7, Kona and The Surge 2 are all available on Game Pass right now. Bleeding Edge will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass on March 24th, and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is coming on the 26. As for when those games and Astrologaster are coming to the PC, unfortunately, we don’t have exact dates, and we only know that they are coming soon.

Either way, remember that Xbox Game Pass and its PC counterpart are constantly switching out games and adding new ones. These new additions will likely be available on the subscription service for several months, whereas the aforementioned leaving games will likely only be available to play for a few more weeks at best. That said, if you are interested in any of the titles that will be leaving soon, you should probably give them a try now.

After all, Game Pass only costs $10 a month and Ultimate only costs $15, neither of which is a bad deal. Moreover, if you’ve never had Game Pass before, deals are going on all the time that let you get access to it for a super cheap price, making it a great time to try a whole slew of games.