Side Gigs that Involve Simple Writing Skills

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Last Updated on April 2, 2020 by Mark P.

The beauty of the internet is that it is the ultimate leveling of the traditional market, meaning people of all skills have the ability to make ridiculous amounts of money online with nothing more than a good work ethic and a decent internet connection. Of all the ways to earn some good side-hustle money, basic reading and writing skills are probably all you need in order to start easily earning money online today!

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Blogging on Medium (skill level: low)

It used to be you had to pay up for a year-long subscription with a site provider in order to create a reliable drag-and-drop website. If you were lucky, you could even make money from Google AdSense through third party ads, but unless you were getting thousands of visitors per month, the odds of you ever seeing any of that money were pretty slim.

Thanks to the minds behind, you can access a free and constantly improving blogging platform with its own in-house promotion network and numerous social media outlets. What is even better is you can place a paywall over your content and reap the reward by getting paid through premium memberships. This means all you have to do is a little promotion and put forth some quality work, and Medium will go ahead and do the rest! This is the easiest way to blog about the topics you love, add to a growing conversation, and get paid at a far better rate than traditional website monetization models.


Transcribing (skill level: low)

Businesses, podcasts, and websites around the world have staff who are busy enough, meaning they have plenty of work they are willing to contract out. Through sites like Upwork and Fiverr, you can transcribe conversations ranging from lectures, youtube videos, tv shows, and podcasts. This involves a careful ear and plenty of double-checking, but this is far from rocket science and is a talent you can pick up with just a little time dedicated to developing your own transcription rhythm.


Copywriting (skill level: medium)

Websites need content to live, and consistent, quality writers can sometimes be hard to find! Writing blogs and review articles between 300-800 words can be a source of fun, informative, and lucrative income by providing fresh and exclusive content to websites hoping to expand readership in order to grow their brand or publication. The best part is you can ultimately choose the topics you love, because there is sure to be a website out there hoping for a passionate and consistent writer to come and help carry the load, especially if it means both of you profit in the process.


Proofreading (skill level: medium)

As basic as it comes! Everyone needs help proofreading at some point, and anything worth getting a second set of eyes on is worth paying to ensure it reads well with little to no mistakes!