How To Shop For Games And Get Deals Like A Pro

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Last Updated on November 2, 2020 by Mark P.

We have all found new hobbies in the age of quarantine, some of them fairly expensive. You may have found in your stay at home adventures the escape video games can bring. Whether you have a console or play on PC the price of playing doesn’t always come cheap.

Ditch the Disc

Even if you’re playing on a console, gaming discs are a way of the past! When you buy digital downloads you cut cost and guarantee to have that game – forever. As long as you can sign into your account, you have access to your game.

Skip the wait for shipping and buy digital copies to start playing right away.

Wait for Discounts

You’ve found a game you’re really excited about, but it’s a little out of your price range. Add it to your wishlist, and wait. If you can be patient you can end up buying it for half the price!

Not only does game value go down after release, but most online game shops also run regular deals and discounts to keep gamers buying. Much like major retailers, video game marketplaces run huge sales for major shopping holidays, and seasonally.

Winter, spring, and fall all bring their own sales, you just have to wait for the right week.

Savings Subscriptions

The major consoles, Playstation and Xbox, both have subscription plans that give regular discounts and perks. Sony’s PlayStation Plus gifts subscribers 2 free games a month, sometimes more, while also allowing them access to playing with other players over their network. In addition to those benefits, Plus members get regular discounts and even greater discounts on sales than other shoppers.

Microsoft has its own generic subscription called “Game Pass”  which gives the user Xbox Gold(online gameplay) and access to over 100 games. Microsoft offers exclusive access to its games across your Xbox or PC for a monthly fee. Instead of shelling out $60 to play a new game, pay $10-$15 a month to try as many as you want!

Demos & Reviews

Just like most products you buy online, you want to know what you’re paying for! Some games and services offer demos that allow you to try out the game. While it has become a bit rare, a good substitute for demos is browsing video demos and reviews!

Look for reviews from actual players, thankfully most shops like Steam have game reviews right there with the game. What do hardcore players say about the game? What about casual players? If the reviews are poor but the videos look great, wait until it’s on sale. Try not to fall under the spell of great advertising!

Get Gaming

Stop draining your bank account with expensive game purchases, and shop for games like a pro. Beyond just comparing prices at stores, having patience, and learning about the game will improve your spending and gaming experience. If you’re an avid player, subscriptions that allow you access to free games are definitely a good choice! You won’t need to buy a new game when your service gives them to you.