4 Ways To Invest In Yourself Right Now

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Last Updated on May 26, 2020 by Mark P.

Many of us have found that binging Netflix and occupying our time with social media might not be the best way to take advantage of the present pandemic situation. For those of you who want to take this opportunity to invest in improving yourself, here are four ways to consider using your additional time towards something beneficial.

1. Learn a new language with Duolingo

Saying we live in a hyperconnected world is an understatement, but imagine what other opportunities would come about if you could break past one of the few barriers between you and billions of people around the world- language.

Duolingo is a free app that teaches you hundreds of languages at your own pace. Used by millions of active and professional adults around the world as well as younger students, this is the perfect app for beginners learning a language from scratch, and even bilingual individuals who want to sharpen their language skills.

For those that want to amplify their knowledge, this app also offers an inexpensive, monthly premium service that offers more tools and capabilities for users regardless of what language you’re set on learning.

2. Take an online class

Life after school might be great, but there is always a need to learn something new, whether for personal or professional reasons. Sites like Udemy and Masterclass offer some of the best online courses out there and are continually adding new courses and updating older ones to keep up with developing markets and trends.

Courses on both sites range from cooking to investing, creative writing to music producing, and so much more. Udemy is great because they regularly offer great deals and coupons for a large number of their courses offered. Masterclass is usually more expensive if you purchase a single course, but they also offer monthly subscriptions as well that open up more of their courses taught by some of the most influential individuals in various industries from film to finance.

3. Earn money while on the toilet with InboxDollars

Thanks to the internet, making money is easier than it’s ever been before. Making money is so easy, you can make it while sitting on the toilet using nothing but your phone. InboxDollars has dished out more than $60 million in twenty years of business, linking big brands with consumers to help develop new brands, products, and services. InboxDollars sends you surveys, games, quizzes, where you can earn money as well as reading emails, watching commercials, and even new TV shows. This is by far the easiest way to earn money online, with really no effort whatsoever.

4. Start a podcast with Anchor.FM

Podcasting is really the new blogging, and whether you want a show by yourself to develop your brand in whatever industry you work in, or just have one for fun with friends, Anchor is the best platform out there for podcast hobbyists. Even better, it offers features almost no other podcast platform offers users. First, podcasting with Anchor is absolutely free, and they don’t limit the number of episodes or length of episodes either. Secondly, Anchor will go ahead and distribute your show to every major podcast provider such as iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify just to name a few. If it couldn’t get any better, it can! You can make money from your show by being linked to sponsors with no minimum listenership.