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Electricity revolutionized civilization. No longer was humanity dependent on water and steam to power its industry. The darkness of the world no longer needed to be kept at bay with greasy oils, dangerous gases, and the puny light of candles. So much of the digital age is based around electricity that it can be difficult to understand a world without such power. Of course, it took time for humanity to understand and harness the power of electricity.

What started as an idle curiosity swelled into an age of advancements, developments, and revolutionary industry that provided the foundations for modern society and civilization itself. Of course, electricity is not merely harnessed from lightening. It must be created, stored, and transported. All of this has become an industry into self, and, municipal sources being somewhat unreliable in certain areas, sometimes it pays to have a backup handy.

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Electricity Generation

Humanity knew about electricity long before Benjamin Franklin drew lighting to a kite in the late eighteenth century. Once the concept of electricity was proven, and the mysterious power reliably studied and examined, humanity could begin the process of harnessing it. Still, it would take later scientists and pioneers to harness electricity.

Before that time, the might of lightning was a destructive force to be grounded with lightning rounds. Still, humanity was never one to let the power of nature go untamed, and so it proved with electricity. Though some might have harnessed the might of lightning for brief spurts of power here and there, it would take bouncing off another popular energy source for electricity to gain traction and change the world.

History of Generators

The first generators were steam based, and developed way back in 1712. Steam back then wasn’t very reliable, and it was very dangerous. More reliable steam power would have to wait until the middle of the nineteenth century. The first electrical generators date back to around 1831, when Michael Faraday developed a magnetic generator. From these early generators would arise the greatest rivalry in electricity: Alternating Current versus Direct Current.

This debate started in the 1860’s. The main advocate for Direct Current was Thomas Edison, the man most responsible for bringing electricity to the modern world in an easily obtainable and reliable format. Despite his best efforts, though, the more reliable alternating current, advocated by the likes of Nikola Tesla, is more often than not the superior method of electrical power. Both pioneers of electricity entered the game in the late nineteenth century, though Edison was a prominent individual even into the early twentieth century.

Thanks to such pioneer’s efforts, the first modern electrical generators started production in order to power rapidly expanding electrical grids of the world. Larger generators use a variety of methods to create power. Dams are well known in regions that can support them, but in general piston, turbine, and steam based electrical generators have become a major part of industry and the foundation of many country’s electrical grids. The concept of a smaller, portable generator is fairly recent, however.

The idea behind a portable generator is simple enough, in that you take some fuel, such as kerosene or gasoline, and a little engine, and use that to create enough electricity to power a house. Portable generators are useful in construction and also for people who don’t trust their municipal power sources to keep the lights on during a thunderstorm.

As explains, “Essentially, generators are currently used to supplement the national power grid system. But mostly, they produce sufficient power to sustain various requirements such as homestead lightings, trivial commercial uses, among others. Besides, they are mainly used in places where the grid system has not reached yet. Other uses include lighting traveling carnivals where trailer-mounted generators are used.”

Of course, a portable or home generator can be a substantial investment for anyone. Those who purchase one tend to expect their money’s worth, because if the power doesn’t go out reliably, the machine itself is wasted. Others argue having reliable electricity regardless of the weather durability of the municipal grid is well worth the price, but it never hurts to save a few bucks when possible.

Buying Used Generators

Used Honda Generator
Used Honda Generator

Buying a new portable generator can set some people back a fair bit especially if they want one that’s durable, reliable, and sturdy enough to do the job no matter what’s caused the power to go out at the home or cabin. Rather than spend a bunch of money on a generator that will only be used in an emergency, it might not be a bad idea to buy used. Generators on their own are incredibly reliable and durable regardless of when they were made. This means there’s a decent used market for portable generators of both older and newer models.

Some consider a portable generator a necessity for construction and other such work. Others desire one in case the lights go out during a thunderstorm. In the modern digital age, electricity is so vital to long-term life that its interruption can prove a problem for a lot of people. To curtail this problem, portable generators are a great way to keep the lights on no matter the issue. Of course, buying a new generator can be pricey, and if desired in emergencies it can be hard to justify such a cost.

This is why buying used is such a great idea. Used generators are just as reliable as newer models and cost less. Of course finding used generators can be tricky, but fortunately there are sites like eBay that sell all manner of used and refurbished equipment and supplies.

Though their weight might reduce them to pickup only, finding used generators on eBay is still a great way to save some money while also ensuring the electricity keeps flowing. Don’t risk the lights going out and appliances shorting out by not having a generator. Though new generators can cost a fair sum, going used saves money and ensures a safe and reliable emergency power source no matter where you live or what you need that electricity for in your life.