Best iPhone 11 Deals Right Now – Lowest prices and where to get the best deal

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Last Updated on November 21, 2020 by Mark P.

The best iPhone 11 deals are happening right now! Apple’s rolling out the next flagship phone, the iPhone 12. As a result, phone companies need to make room on their shelves. So, the deals for the iPhone 11 are better than ever.

Some users want the newest best thing the moment it’s available. That’s fine. Smart consumers wait and let the kinks get worked out first. Let’s take another look at the iPhone 11.

If you’re looking for a deal on an iPhone 11 from a service provider, some which include a trade-in option, please scroll down.

If you’re looking for the best deal to buy the iPhone 11 outright, eBay tends to have the best deals via resellers. See blow.

Best iPhone 11 Deals Right Now

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Top iPhone 11 deals:

In this section, we’ll breakdown the deals from the top phone companies and let you decide what’s best. We didn’t include places like Walmart (doesn’t offer any real discounts) or some pre-pay companies that are out of stock. eBay will offer some great deals on refurbished phones, but we just want to talk about new ones. Amazon can be tricky to deal with and it’s much like eBay you can get new phones (usually full price) or refurbished and that’ll be an article for another day. Let’s dig in!


64 GB                   $24.99/month ($599.99 retail)

128 Gb                 $27.08/month ($649.99 retail)

256 Gb                 $31.24/month ($949.99 retail)

Order online and get ½ off activation fee

64 Gb –                 $27.08/month ($999.99 retail)

256 Gb –               $33.33/month ($1,149.99 retail)

512 Gb –               Out of stock

Order online save $350 on each version with a new line. Save an extra $250 when switching and up to $850 for qualified trade-in.

64 Gb                    $31.25/month ($1,099.99 retail)

128 Gb                  $52.08/month ($1,249.99 retail)

512 Gb                  Out of Stock

Upgraders save $350 with trade-in. $850 off with trade-in on a new line.


64 Gb                   $25/month ($599.99 retail) (Get it on us promo with a switch/trade in, 64 Gb only)

128 Gb                 $27.09/month ($649.99)

256 Gb                 Out of stock online. Best Buy appears to have available. $31.20/month ($749.99 retail, $649.99 with new line)

64 Gb                   $37.50/month (899.99 retail) (Get it on us up to $1000)

256 Gb                 Out of stock, Best Buy $37.50/month, $150 down payment. ($949.99 retail on new line, $1,049.99 as upgrade)

512 Gb                 Out of stock, Best Buy $37.50/month, $350 down payment. ($1,149.99 retail on new line, $1,249.99 as upgrade)

64 Gb                   Out of Stock

256 Gb                 Out of Stock

512 Gb                 Out of Stock


64 Gb                   $10/month ($599.99 retail)

128 Gb                 $15/month ($649.99 retail)

256 Gb                 $20/month ($749.99 retail)

64 Gb                   $30/month ($899.99 retail) ($3.33/month after trade-in)

256 Gb                 $35/month ($1,049.99 retail) ($8.33/month after trade)

512 Gb                 $41.67/month ($1,249.99 retail) ($15/month after trade)

You get up to $800 off with a qualified trade-in. These prices reflect the maximum discounts applied.

64 Gb                    $33.34/month ($999.99 retail) ($6.67/month after trade)

256 Gb                  $38.34/month ($1,149.99 retail) ($11.67/month after trade)

512 Gb                 $45/month ($1,349.99 retail) ($18.33/month after trade)

You get up to $800 off with a qualified trade-in. These prices reflect the maximum discounts applied.

64 Gb                    $24.95/month ($599 retail)

128 Gb                 $27.04/month ($649 retail)

256 Gb                 $31.20/month ($749 retail)

  • The iPhone pro and pro max are not available through Apples website at time of writing this.

Pre-paid Plan iPhone 11 Deals

Pre-paid stores don’t typically offer a monthly payment structure. They still offer good prices if that’s your preference. Especially on the higher-end versions. We not everyone has or wants a contract with the big stores. Pre-paid offers the same network at a fraction of the price.

Boost mobile

64 Gb                    $699.99

128 Gb                  $749.99

256 Gb                 $849.99

64 Gb                    $999.99

256 Gb                 $1,149.99

512 Gb                  $1,349.99

64 Gb                    $1,099.99

256 Gb                 $1,249.99

512 Gb                 $1,449.99

As of this article, on their website, they have all models available. This is subject to change anytime.

Cricket Wireless

64 Gb                    $699

128 Gb                 $749.99

256 Gb                 $849.99

The Apple iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max are out of stock as of writing this article. Check back they might have more available soon.

Introduced in September 2019 the iPhone 11 was unveiled with a price tag of $699 and offered an affordable price on some impressive features.

The good:

  • Edge to edge display

Much of the screen for other devices is sacrificed through the large black bar that runs all the way around the screen. The Apple iPhone features a slim, updated screen to get the most out of the surface area available.

  • Dual Cameras

It was the first iPhone with the option to switch between lens while taking videos. Additionally, you’ll be taking HD 4k videos. Wider front-facing camera with slow-motion video capabilities. We’d also like to mention its impressive night mode, allowing you to take clear shots in the dark.

  • Durable

Aluminum rails give it a sturdy but lightweight frame. It is high-quality and looks a lot like the iPhone XR. It has great history from being dropped and abused. You can always secure it even more with an otter box or other case.

  • Available in many colors

It comes in black, green, yellow, purple, red, and white.

  • Water resistant

It will still work after being dropped in water. Apple say sit have a maximum depth of 4 meters for up to 30 minutes.

  • Haptic touch

An upgrade in the software from the 3D touch. Long press apps to bring up a shortcut menu for easy access. The 3D touch required pressure, and this only needs a long press.

  • A13 bionic chip

This was at the time of release the faster processor for phones, ever. This is a quad-core micro-processor that will beat any android out there. Only available through Apple

  • Great battery life

Apple says it lasts an hour longer than the XR. It has a great battery (some say better than the iPhone 12, or at least the same) The iPhone 11 Pro Max has 20 hours of video playback. That means it’ll last all day, even with heavy usage.

  • Cheaper

A cheaper price doesn’t mean lower quality. It’s a solid upgrade if you’re still slinging the XR.

The bad:

  • Display is ok (better on the pro and pro max)

1792 by 898 display is good not great. Watching YouTube videos in HD isn’t possible on a flagship phone?? Upgrade to the 11 Pro or Pro Max and it only gets better. Hardcore techies might complain but average users, likely, won’t notice. Some have said it does scratch easily so it’s better to put it in a pocket without keys or coins.

  • Design

The design is remarkably like the XR, so if you’re looking for a new look, your best bet is different color scheme. Some users love their XR, so it still holds the nostalgia with the updated features.

What do the users say?

Virtually all users love the phone. Consumers like the value and critics have rated it very well. It’s a solid investment in my opinion. People have described it as “Blazingly fast” and “Perfect balance of price and features”

The iPhone 11 is still a fantastic phone and the prices are low right now. Keep reading to see who has the best deals on iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro Comparison

The iPhone 11 Pro adds an extra 3rd camera for even better photo/video capabilities. It gives you twice the zoom as the original model and a slightly better battery. It also upgrades the display from LCD to OLED to give you more vibrant colors and smoother playback. The screen is a little smaller for that sleek design. Another thing to add is the internal storage maxes out on the iPhone at 256 Gb the pro doubles that with 512 Gb.

iPhone 11 vs 11 Pro Max Comparison

It’s like the name says everything is maxed out, the best of the best right here. It have the largest screen at 6.5 inches(diagonally) and an edge to edge OLED display. The pixel resolution is 2688-by-1242 giving it the best look, HD videos, and the most vibrant colors.

Buying Power

As you can see, your buying power increases if you are switching. If you have a slightly older phone that’s still worth something you get the greatest discount. They’re basically buying your old phone from you. The problem with that is they set the limit and price. So, if you feel like you’d get more selling it used on eBay or similar sites that might be the way to go.

Stock issues

Due to Covid-19 nearly all stores are having stock issues. There’s a lower ability to get the product distributed and as you can see many phones aren’t available at the time this was published. The prices are true as of the time of writing and they will change at sometime in the future. The out of stock phones might come in or they might just sell the ones they have, and it gets scarcer in the end. No one know and it’s up to the individual businesses how they proceed.

In Conclusion…

Who has the best deal on iPhone 11? Verizon offers the best deals for switching on the base models (with trade-in). $850 versus AT&T’s $800 On the iPhone 11 256 Gb the best deal comes from Apple directly on their website, but you’ll have to set it up separately through your carrier. AT&T offers the same prices as Apples website and the monthly cost is lower.

Now is the time to buy. These deals won’t last long, and stock availability appears to be dwindling. While the iPhone 12 is out, is it worth it to upgrade? The prices now are maxed out as they’re trying to make back the cost of development and production. Its base model is $799 about $200 more than comparable iPhone 11’s. The features and upgrades might be worth it to some, but you can get triple the storage for less on the iPhone 11. Makes sense, huh? Thanks, and have a great day!