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Sneakerheads are always in search of the coolest, rarest, and most unique shoes in the world. This can lead many sneaker collectors to search for Dada Spinner shoes. The one-of-a-kind design and limited run made Dada Supreme Spinner sneakers an interesting feature on the NBA court and feet across America. If you are looking for a true piece of sneaker history, look for Dada Spinner shoes for sale.

Where to Get a Good Deal on a Dada Supreme Spinner Shoes

With many retailers offering Dada Spinner shoes for sale, finding the best deal on a pair might get a bit overwhelming. Here are some of the current deals available at eBay:

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What are Dada Supreme Spinner shoes?

In the early 2000s, new and interesting styles of sneakers were all the rage. Basketball players often worked with popular brands to create their own signature sneaker, which would sell out quickly as people tried to copy their favorite NBA stars. Latrell Sprewell, a popular NBA player at the time, partnered with Damani Dada to create a truly unique shoe.

Dada Spinner shoes are inspired by the style of spinning rims on car wheels, highlighted my music videos and Pimp My Ride. Latrell Sprewell and Dada created the Sprewell Spinners, including an actual spinning rim design on the sneakers. The basketball sneakers certainly turned heads and garnered attention. The popularity of Dada’s signature Supreme sneaker helped spread the word about the Dada Spinners.

In 2018, Latrell Sprewell seemed to announce that Dada Spinner shoes would be produced again. While sneaker heads jumped at the idea of purchasing new Dada Spinner shoes, the relaunch has yet to happen.

Price of Dada Spinner Shoes

You can find Dada Spinner shoes for sale from $100 to $500. The unique sneaker can be difficult to find because it did not have a very long production run. When searching for Dada Spinner shoes it is important to search by size and quality. For collectors who want to display the spinning rim sneakers, the size of the shoe may not matter. However, if you actually want to wear your Dada Spinner shoes, filter your search by size.

The overall quality of the Dada Spinner shoes will also impact the price. On some of the sneakers available for purchase today, the wheels do not spin. If the shoes are simply for display, this may not be a big deal. You can still enjoy the unique look and style of the Dada Spinner shoes without having the wheels spin. If you want an authentic pair of Dada Spinner shoes in great condition, expect to pay a bit more.

Are Dada Spinner shoes popular?

Sneakers of all kinds are popular these days, including Dada Spinner shoes. The unexpected announcement from Latrell Sprewell in 2018 stating Supreme Spinners were making a comeback garnered attention for the shoes. Now that the relaunch has seemed to fizzle, shoe collectors may be on the hunt for original Dada Spinner shoes. If you are looking to add a piece of basketball history to your sneaker collection, the Dada Spinner shoes are a must-have.